Why PlayStation Vita Criticisms Are Premature

Push Square: "The video game industry has a very selective memory. With each new platform launch we're inundated with the same old comments regarding software library, price and more. Indeed, the current reaction to the PlayStation Vita’s not-stellar-but-not-terrible launch sales figures is reminiscent of conversation from 12 months ago. Back then, the media was lambasting Nintendo’s “flawed” 3DS for a lack of software too; those criticisms have gone tellingly quiet over the past few weeks."

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Akuma-2172d ago

It's too early because the system was recently launched outside of Japan like 3 months ago.

get2sammyb2172d ago

Exactly. Far too many knee jerk reactions. People need to calm down and reanalyse the system in 12 months time.

sinncross2171d ago

Of course its too early. We will probably get to E3 and see that PSV has a pretty strong lineup of games coming from the West (well hopefully).

As long as the system has the games to justify its cost then its ok.

But I really want to see what PS Suite provides. I really do hope there are mainline developers on board for stuff tp release ,like EA with Dead Space Mobile or its Mirrors Edge game. Sure these might be old but not everyone wants to play titles like Dead Space with just touch screen controls.

WeskerChildReborned2171d ago

Yea and i don't think they have released a game that use's the Vita's full potential.

egidem2171d ago

I totally agree. Unfortunately, it's become a norm in this generation of this industry. It's all about sales mainly. If some product doesn't launch selling millions and millions, it's apparently dead.

TheGamingArt2170d ago

What ignorant fanboys are disagreeing with this stuff?

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DigitalRaptor2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

History repeats itself and people refuse to look back and see. "PS3 is doomed"... NOPE. "3DS isn't selling well"... Gets price cut, better games and begins to sell better.

The Vita will do fine, and it already has good games and features. Things will only get better.

BrianC62342171d ago

I wish all Vita games would have a demo. There's some games I might buy but they don't have a demo. Is Mortal Kombat good? I'd like to try it out. Come on developers, put out a demo.

Killman2171d ago

Yes, Mortal Kombat is good. Actually, it is great. It truly shows the great potential of the system. If you are debating it, I say get it. I agree that a demo should be there, but with enough internet research, I went ahead and bought. Completely worth it.

BrianC62342171d ago

Thanks. I'll think about it.

dangert122171d ago

This Gen taught me being an early adapter Is not always the best move...put the I have a Ps3 with BC to the side.
I brought a Ps3 to play Ps3 games simple.

If I get a Vita a year and a half or two from realise the Vita library should be pretty fine games should have dropped In price aswell as the vita and I couldn't care about how old the game Is I'm playing my reality Is different to yours and It's a new reality for me at a reasonable price and I will feel less let down with a bigger library...shiit the psp Is still doing It's thing why would I buy a Vita now?

Denethor_II2171d ago

I bought a Vita with a tax rebate so it was fine, but if I'm honest I haven'y really played it in a while as there aren't ant games I wan't that are currently available. Don't get me wrong though, it's still awesome to play.

Hicken2171d ago

Finally, an article with some sense.

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