Is a Realistic Approach What Grand Theft Auto V Really Needs?

In past years fans have been shocked, impressed and addicted to the Grand Theft Auto series. This series was ground-breaking in the industry by presenting itself as the first of its kind in gaming. People have fallen in love with the mind boggling circumstances and by being granted the ability to do whatever they please, when they please. After the release of the lasted installment of the Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto IV, fan wondered if this was the series they really fell in love with. Grand Theft Auto IV was just not like the past games that swept fans off their feet. It lacked in areas where other seemed to excel. Could the feelings of Grand Theft Auto IV contribute to what players want from Grand Theft Auto V?

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TheSuperior 2230d ago

I want GTA V to be fun not tooo realistic like GTA IV

iamnsuperman2230d ago

I agree. What ever happened to the ridiculous cheats like everybody hates you. I do not mind having realistic gun feel and driving but what GTA IV missed was that GTA feel of parachuting, unrealistic missions, the fun side of GTA

Brosy2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

I for one found the more mature GTAIV to be better. I can play Saints Row and Crackdown if I want silliness. Also TBOGT had all that parachuting and other less than realistic gameplay.

Fez2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

I think TBOGT got the mix of realism and fun just right. Let's hope GTAV follows suit!

Can't wait for V actually. Definitely my most anticipated game coming out.

srcBFMVBMTH2229d ago

AGREED. I remember after finishing the story. I would love to just fool around for hours with cheats haha. Like the everybody came after you cheat and pretend like zombies were after me. Or combine having pedestrians carry weapons and recruit anybody cheats. Would pop in the nice cars everywhere and flying cars cheat from time to time. And who could ever forget the super punch! GOOD TIMES MAN GOOD TIMES :)

NukaCola2229d ago

Realism isn't necessarily the issue. But GTA IV had little fun. It took itself way to seriously. All the characters were always either depressing or pissed off about something. I like a good story but I would like more light hearted moments and of course the ability to screw off as well. One of the best moments in San Andreas was stealing the 747 Jet, taking off to 30K feet and then jumping out behind it as you watched it crash into the ground, then deploy your chute and land safely on a roof somewhere and walk away like a boss.

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LOGICWINS2230d ago

It can still be realistic...but Rockstar has to create scenarios where the characters get into crazy/fun situations. If you think about it GTA4 wasn't that realistic. Do you know any Eastern European man that can take 3 clips of an AK-47 before dying?

TheSuperior 2230d ago

I agree with you both, it was those funny moments that really mad the game one of the best games out there. but there were still outthere moments in GTA IV just not Those moments that were intended to be only funny. Realistic might not be the word because idk a man that can take 3 clips of an AK-47 before dying... thats just not realistic hehe

mynameisEvil2229d ago

Do I know any Eastern European man that can take 3 MAGAZINES of AK ammo?

Yes. ALL OF THEM. Because they are all just that awesome with their strong facial features and wonderful accents.

metsgaming2230d ago

I will just say this, please be more like 3,VC,SA and less like 4.

WeskerChildReborned2230d ago

I wan't GTA V to be fun and realistic. Just not like Saints Row cause i prefer a realistic kinda fun.

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Zha1tan2230d ago

It firstly needs to work on PC preferably.

Frenza2230d ago

GTA: IV was a mess at launch on PC.

Zha1tan2229d ago

Only the lowest form of scum on N4G would disagree with that lol.

NYC_Gamer2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

I believe GTA should keep the mature approach and expand on gameplay/story telling....all of that silly stuff should be left optional for the player....I hope R* doesn't follow Saints Row with all of that over the top stuff that gets old and boring real quick....R* should continue to push the sandbox genre forward with new ideas while letting the competition be stuck in the past...

vallencer2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

How exactly is saints row, or their competition, stuck in the past?

Edit: I agree with a lot of what you have said I just don't understand how their competition is stuck in the past. But I do believe GTA should go back to somewhat crazy. Not all the way but somewhat. Saints row is a blast because it is over the top but I don't think we need two games like that.

MysticStrummer2230d ago

I'm with you. They can put more fun things to do in the world without abandoning GTA4's more "realistic" approach. They should keep the crazy stuff optional, like Rampages. The only areas where Saint's Row 3 outdid GTA4 were co-op and customization, in my opinion.

Getowned2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

I agree but I will say Saints Row 2 was better than GTA4 in some parts other then that,maybe not saints row 3 but Saints Row 2 was really good and not so crazy. I like GTA's storys better, really I just like both, but the ending in SR3 were shaundi dies was epic imo.

Persistantthug2230d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed GTA4, and I hope they continue on with the mature realism and take it further.

GTA4 is my most played game of this generation, and the online ( GTA RACE mode ) was boss.

J5Feedback2230d ago

I really do want realism out of Rockstar Games. They're the absolute best at it. If I want open-world craziness, I'll play Saints Row 3. (Not knocking SR3, excellent game.)

Also, where the hell is my sequel to Bully?! (ducks to avoid rocks)

camel_toad2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

I couldnt agree more. I personally think the humor dotted throughout GTA IV was a lot more funny than the left and right gags of Saints Row. A perfect example of "less is more".

The part in GTA IV where you are fleeing the funeral in the hearse with your dead uncle (or whoever it was) in his coffin, inching his way out the back of the hearse and then the coffin opened - That was a 10 on the funny scale for me, not to mention some of the Gay Tony missions.

Oh and Id love a new Bully too.

Fylus2229d ago

I know I will likely get disagrees, but a Bully sequal is the only thing I want from R*. GTA is an amazing series but Bully is hands down my favorite R* game of all time.

MiamiACR212229d ago

I'll never understand the fascination people have with stating "I know I will likely get disagrees" before saying their opinion. It's your opinion for god sakes, I couldn't give less of a shit if anybody disagreed with mine, and neither should anybody else.

dark-hollow2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

whats wrong with IV is not due being realistic.
actually that one of the games highlights in my opinion.

whats wrong is there a lot of fun elements in SA that didnt make it in GTA IV.

cheats were more fun.
huge map with more varied locations and more fun to explore.
cars customization.
jet packes.
some real life elements (getting fat, build muscles if you workout)

yes, some of these were introduced in gay tony, but it should be in the full game day one.

being too realistic was never the issue....

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