OXM: Nine secret Xbox 360 games we're dying to hear about

OXM UK: "News flash: pretty much every developer you've ever heard of has a secret videogame project."

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TheDareDevil2169d ago

I hope Bungie makes an appearance at this years E3. They have been really quiet since handing out the reins of Reach to 343

dangert122169d ago

Was expecting to see something more exciting then the list actually shows to be honest with you

Perjoss2169d ago

What's this about metal gear solid five being developed in an engine that is optimised for multi platform?

ChunkyLover532169d ago

The Fox Engine is designed for multiplatform use. Metal Gear has pretty much always been a multiplatform game and this new engine makes it easier for them to do that.

NeoTribe2168d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe metal gear was mainly a ps game. Hasn't xbox only seen rip off versions that arnt considered real metal gears?

ChunkyLover532168d ago

Well the Xbox 360 saw the HD remakes, the original Xbox saw Metal gear 2 and the Gamecube has what I consider to be the best version of MGS, which is Twin Snakes. I still have that game for the Gamecube, its fantastic.

Metal Gear was on the original NES as well. Snake even appears in SSBB, so I think Metal Gear and Snake have pretty much always gotten around.