Polytron angry at Minecraft’s Preferential Treatment

Polytron, developers of Fez, are angry at Minecraft's preferential treatment on the XBLA Marketplace.

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Snealiv2234d ago

The developers had quite the kerfuffle over Twitter. Someone seems a little jealous, but he has some valid points.

acidbrn2234d ago

I saw some of the back and fourth between them, I found it rather humorous. Hopefully this leads to a change in policy.

Sharodan2234d ago

Good lord it looks like a train wreck in that feed. Someone ground that person and put him in time-out until he knows how to act like an adult again! Or give him a personal Twitter account to sound butt-hurt in...

kungfuian2234d ago

Hopefully it leads both of them to release their games on PSN :-)

Snealiv2234d ago

That would be nice to see. I wonder if PSN would allow more creative freedom on the game.

Fingers crossed for mod support?

Getowned2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Would be awesome but you'll never see that(mods) because people would abuse the system

WeskerChildReborned2234d ago

Nah but i bet PSN would allow cross platforming though.

WeskerChildReborned2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

If Minecraft were to release on PS3, that would be sweet. And i think we would be able to do cross platform for PC and PS3 cause PS3 is open to that kinda stuff.

Sharodan2234d ago

Now something like that would be fantastic! I long for the day when we can see cross-platform play with ALL systems. Maybe in twenty years...

Welshy2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )


if all platforms in the future cross played each either, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of even having separate platforms in the first place?

Each system needs its own identity to sell, if they were all the same what can they do to tempt you to the platform?

Edit: i was going to add "we will have one universal system", but that would be dumb too, because there would lack competition, and competition pushes each other to raise the bar.

Sharodan2233d ago


I actually hadn't considered that side of things and you make a really good point. I'd still like to see something like that, but I also think I'd prefer to continue seeing that competition that drives the quality.

Snealiv2234d ago

The story just keeps getting better too, check the article again to see Polytron's increasingly angry tweets and responses.

TekoIie2234d ago

I don't get how he says leaderboards don't represent accurate sales : /. It sounds like an accurate way of predicting your games sales. Not like you can buy minecraft preowned lol (but you can share content I think).

DeadIIIRed2234d ago

Someone on the marketing team is getting fired

Series_IIa2234d ago

Way to ruin your company. Minecraft has millions of rampant fanboys who get pissed just for putting the word Minecraft in a bad sentence.

RandyL842234d ago

While Polytron does have a point in the special treatment, they are going about it all wrong. You definitely shouldn't use your companies twitter account to vent like that.

Christopher2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

It depends. If other Indie developers get behind them on the same issue in a similar fashion, it can turn into something that Microsoft has to respond to.

These type of things rarely get taken care of if you go through the usual channels of filing a complain with Microsoft. I mean, seriously, do you think Microsoft doesn't prioritize CoD over other games and their DLC?

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