7 Reasons Why You Should Play The Secret World

If you enjoy TV shows like The X-Files or Fringe, or authors like Neil Gaiman and Stephen King, you’ll love The Secret World’s atmosphere.

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roblef2174d ago

Oh, wonderful, yet ANOTHER MMO i need to get. It's amazing I work at all with all the amazing games coming along.

sonicsidewinder2174d ago

Got my beta access installing right now.

It really sparked my interest when I first heard of it.

acronkyoung2174d ago

Hmmm, interesting. Might need to try it out.

Kaizin5142174d ago

I personally did not care too much for it. Played a little on Wednesday. Not saying it is bad, but it wasn't for me. The story was pretty meh, not terrible or great, but the combat really felt off to me. I don't know, I just don't see myself paying for another MMO.

Saryk2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

I will give Secret World and Neverwinter a run. After that I am done for MMO for good or I am going back to older games.

But I will be on Secret World tonight!

Kaizin5142174d ago

Yea, go for it. I was interested in the concept behind it and the many things it offers, but ultimately it wasn't for me, maybe it will be for you, who knows?

crazytown992174d ago

I kept catching little peeks of this game at PAX East. Looks kinda interesting, maybe. I DO like The X-Files...

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