Mother's Day: Visit Calendar Man in Batman: Arkham City

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

For those of you trying to legitimately get the Storyteller achivement/trophy without cheating the clock on your system, don't forget to visit Calendar Man in the basement of the courthouse on Sunday. While other sites have moved on to other topics, GoozerNation is here to help you get through the year. Click in to get Twitter handles to follow to help you remember!

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RyanDJ2203d ago

We're submitting this one a bit early due to both the weekend, and it seems we get a ton of hits after the day, so why not give people a bit of an earlier heads up? Remember, call your Mom and tell her you had to stay home to visit your friend Julian. She'll understand.

PieMonster2202d ago

I'm never going to get his achivement. I'm always busy on those days.

aDDicteD2202d ago

you could cheat it by changing the date's but it's a much more fun doing it the hard way

PieMonster2202d ago

I've heard of the "cheat" but I'm playing it on the PC. I don't think it'll work the same in GFWL.

j-mo2202d ago

Cool idea giving people a heads up. I frequently miss things like that when left to my own devices.

aDDicteD2202d ago

this reminder is very useful,i almost forgot to visit this guy