Brütal Legend - "hot girls, hot guitars, hot rods and hot music"

Gameplayer has taken an early look at the upcoming game from genius developer Tim Schafer - Psychonauts, Monkey Island, Grim Fandango - in this article.

"The enemies you battle are halfway between Spinal Tap and A Nightmare Before Christmas"

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mullet3962d ago

One of my most anticipated titles of 08. Tim Schafer is a genius!

MK_Red3962d ago

Yes though IMO, Tim is more than a genius. He is a god and he is not "So Serious" ;)

Rattles3962d ago

but can they pull it off?

Skerj3962d ago

CAN THEY!? More like "What kind of awesome will be unleashed on this world when they release this game!?". Double Fine knows what they're doing and this has been Tim's baby for 15 years, he now has the technology to make it fully realized. Oh pull it off they will and pull it off well. Aside from MGS4, this is my most anticipated title this year.

pirat10fc3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

This game scream Buy Me.