Toshiba To Launch Ad Campaigns, Pricing Strategies for HD DVD

January 14, 2008 (Dow Jones Newswires) - Toshiba said it will increase its marketing campaign this month for HD DVD, following the recent move of Warner Bros. and other studios to the Blu-ray format.

The maker of HD DVDs said it will launch joint advertising campaigns with studios and "extended pricing strategies" will begin in mid-January.

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pwnsause3693d ago

whats the point, Give it up Tosh, its Dead!

marinelife93693d ago

I'm not sure why Toshiba is still spending money either. Their shareholders can't be happy. Are they doing this out of pride or sane business sense? Seems like pride.

whoelse3693d ago

At this rate they are going to lose more money than if they gave it all up NOW!

wageslave3693d ago

Boo-hoo says the Sony fan.

ITR3693d ago

Toshiba messed up by not marketing HD DVD enough.
You couldn't go one commercial break over the xmas holidays without seeing a Sony BD add of some sort.

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Bladestar3693d ago

and Sony though the format war was over... it seems Sony will still have to burn some more money before HD DVD completely dies.
$99? I getting myself 1-2 of these...

mullet3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

To experience crap? Paramount and Universal can stay with HD-DVD (and they won't. they're just stalling because this is how this stuff works), we Blu-ray supporters won't suffer at all. All the major studios are Blu-ray exclusive.

Warner, Disney, New Line Cinema, Sony Pictures...

You'd have to be an idiot to buy two HD-DVD players, a format that's already dead. We Blu-ray supporters prevailed and we're only laughing at how desperate Toshiba is. It's just sad now.

fury3693d ago

two of them to experience no movies. nice move bladestar...that makes absolutely no sense at all

Fighter3693d ago

They were $99 for only one week. The cheapest player is $199 and that has only 1080i support instead of 1080P. The xbox add-ons are cheaper but you will need a 360 to run it.

nix3693d ago

i won't be surprised! coming from a guy who's bought a 360 knowing it RRODs.

ruibing3693d ago

You are joking right? I may understand your state of loyalty and denial from being a HD-DVD user, but to want to buy 1-2 of these things just because HD-DVD is slashing prices again is beyond logic. Do you know why they are so dirt cheap? You think Toshiba is selling them below manufacturing cost because they are generous? Have you ever seen pigs fly?

gololo3693d ago

bladestar....dude...i used to to think you were smart....but you are nothing but a tool....a fanboy that gladly throws money away at big business and defends them at all cost...go and buy them, be an idiot and I know for sure that thousands of not so well informed customers will buy this stupid buying them you are saying "Toshiba, I am stupid since you fooled me, you outsmart me, you sold me a dead format player, and I gladly bought it because that is who I am...a dumb consumer". For your information, Toshiba is just trying to get as much money as possible from the HD-DVD players that are on the shelves, since it'd be worse for the retailers to send them back to Toshiba, this is not a desperate move this is just them trying to get ready to go blu!

marinelife93693d ago

How do you still have TWO bubbles?

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Lord Anubis3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

I wonder if they are going to tell the audience they can only get movies from two studios.

here is how I would approach it if I was a salesman for HD-DVD.

Hi here we have this wounderful piece of hardware able to go upto 1080i Full HD and DTS HD because really what more could you want for the amazing price of $99 dollars and what's even better we have an equally amazing offer buy two HD DVD player for $199 to maximize your investment.

Customer: :) that sounds good I'll take two. I can't wait to watch " I am legend" on HD-DVD. Where are the movie portfolio?

Me: If you look here this button turns the player on, quickly run to pay your HD-DVD players before someone else takes them.


poor HD-DVD supporters. Toshiba has to drop down to $99 in order to stay alive but even that won't help. Warner delivered the final blow. there's nothing left.

weezeru23693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

That was one hell of a funny video!!

skitzoid3693d ago

I almost spewed coffee all over my monitor. LOL

Vip3r3693d ago

LOL. Bubbles to you sky.


hardcorehippiez3693d ago

got to be 1 of the funniest links i have ever seen in here bubbles up

jorellpogi3693d ago

That is one hell funny video. LOL

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nix3693d ago

"save us!"

and under the "conditions apply" they should say: "might become obsolete".

Odonnus3693d ago

Agreed, it would almost be unethical to recommend a HDDVD drive to someone right now without a disclaimer of probable failure!

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