Diablo III Cinematic Screen Leaks

"We had a user posting on our forums today. He was able to provide some amazing pictures of the cinematics. These are a massive spoiler. The first couple or not so bad, but the last two in this list are indeed some of the biggest spoilers released to date. Please only view if you do not care about spoilers."

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reznik_zerosum2259d ago

hmm its seems girl that was in cinematic trailer is diablo

adamant7152259d ago

Lol the cinematics look better than the actual game.

Tooootally lame.

Zechs342259d ago

Because that's never the case?...

adamant7152259d ago

It is. >_<

How are you gonna advertise this:

and then make the game play like this:

It's lame and misleading. OKAY.