FPSWin - Halo Reach: Worst Halo Ever?

Now before I begin, let me clarify that this is more an opinion piece than anything. With that said I think this is a widely shared opinion. Let me start with the obvious.. The original Halo: Combat Evolved was a great first person shooter.

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Summons752228d ago

I wouldn't say the worst but it certainly dose not feel like Halo 1,2,3 and odst that's for sure

OhReginald2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

"certainly dose not feel like Halo 1,2,3 and odst that's for sure "

and thats the reason I love it.

Its like the Metal Gear Solid:Snake Eater of Halo games.

Some may not call it a Metal Gear game, but it can be classified as the BEST metal gear game to date.

Funny enough they are both prequels haha XD

Summons752228d ago

Snake Eater felt exactly how metal gear should lol. But I was meant when I play Reach I don't have a feeling that I am a super soldier. Unlike the original Halos where you ran faster than everyone, you jumped higher and your punches pretty much killed people. Reach didn't feel like that, I loved the story, seeing a different side of the battle after reading the book many years ago, but I couldn't connect with any of the characters.

Snake Eater was just pure amazing

dark-hollow2228d ago

The campaign was better than 3 but the multiplayer IMO isn't.

I miss the balanced gameplay of halo plus the maps design was second to non.

MerkinMax2228d ago

I have to help you here, it's DOES not DOSE. I've seen you spell it like that multiple times already, now you can fix it.

Summons752228d ago

meh, I write all day long I do care to much about little mistakes in my free time.

KimoNoir2228d ago

I highly recommend you to teach at the defense language institute! what a genius teacher you are! :)

FPSWin2228d ago

Then that makes it worst. :)

Angrymorgan2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Odst was a yawn fest
Reach was better

spicelicka2228d ago

"Worst halo" makes it sound like it's a bad game, when it's still one of the best games this gen.

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Janitor2228d ago

IMO it was better than 3.

Psychonaughty2228d ago

It was my least favourite yet, it just felt very samey.
Halo 1 > Halo ODST > Halo 3 > Halo 2 > Halo Reach.

Virus2012228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

You thought Halo ODST was better than Halo 2,3 and Reach!?

Well it's your opinion and I respect that. However I think ODST was the worst and should have just been released as DLC.

One question, did you ever play Halo 2 online when it came out? That was like the most played game on Xbox live when it was out.

For me it's more like;
Halo 3 = Halo 2 > Halo CE > Halo Reach>>>>...." ;3 hours later"...>>>> Halo ODST.

Psychonaughty2228d ago

Yeah I played Halo 2 online and yeah it was a laugh (for about a week) but I'm far more a sp gamer so I enjoy these games for their campaigns > mp. Halo 2's sp was horrible, there's no bones about it.

fossilfern2228d ago

I have to agree with Psychonaughty though I wouldnt of put Reach last I would of have it:

Halo CE,Reach, ODST, 3,2. I felt Halo 2 was just plain bad in terms of its Single Player same with Halo 3.

Halo 2 though was just a pure disappointment for me I was expecting something like this:

But none of that happened it looked more epic and looked as if you were fighting for earths survival which neither halo 2 or 3 portrayed. Though ODST was the after effects of the battle but it was still a wasted opportunity if you ask me. MP was great though.

SixZeroFour2228d ago

for me it was more like this

CE > Reach > ODST > 3 > 2

2 > 3 > reach > CE (odst not included cause it was just 3's multiplayer)

i personally dont think there was ever one game that was the "worst" of the bunch cause each one had some aspect(s) that were better than the others, but at the same time had aspects that were worst than the others

Spydiggity2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

I would say the worst Halo ever was Resistance: Fall of Man.

Psychonaughty2228d ago

Nah it was definitely Haze :P

Machioto2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

How the heck is that even relevant to halo?because there is more varied enemies,different setting also in resistance (excluding 2) you could carry more than weapons.

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