Leviathyn | E3 One Year Later: Sony Media Briefing

Welcome to E3 One Year Later,'s look at the biggest E3 announcements of last year’s show. Senior Editor Jason Fanelli talks about what was announced and whether or not it came to fruition.

Today we’ll revisit Sony’s media briefing. The Vita made its North American debut, a ton of games were shown, and another ton of promises were made. Did Sony keep as many of their promises as Microsoft? Read on to find out.

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Cennus2263d ago

I really hope I get some rearruance for my Vita purchase at E3 this year. I have it, I love it, but I haven't touched it since March. I'm eagerly awaiting Ruin, Soul Sacrifice, and PS1 playback.

Trenta272263d ago

Exactly. It's just sitting there on the table. I haven't even turned it on since the Skype app and that was just to download it. I haven't even used it. Oh well. E3, show me the games!

cpayne932263d ago

I forgot about ruin. Hopefully that turns out good. I figure I'll get a Vita either this winter or sometime early next year. By then there will be plenty of games to play.

BigManFanelli2263d ago

I've definitely played my Vita (UMvC3, Uncharted, Mortal Kombat, Hot Shots) but I need more. Whether they be brand new Vita titles or the PS1 support, something has to happen.

JustPlainLazy2263d ago

I agree with Cennus. I don't own a Vita yet, but I've wanted one for a while due it's potential - however, there is no real reason for me to lay down cash to purchase it yet. Based off last years E3, and how smoothly it went for Sony, I'm looking forward to hearing their announcements this year.
Great article.

SandWitch2263d ago

Me too impatiently waiting for E3 :) loving my Vita from the day one, still using it like everyday and I can't see it changing anytime soon. Though I'm curious what new games Vita will get. At E3 I would like to see some more titles from third-party.

cmurdurr2263d ago

That was definitely a conference that Sony had to be careful with, especially with all the PSN issues :/
If it lives up to what they're promising, we're supposed to see a big number of new titles from Sony this year.

DigitalRaptor2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I'm betting Sony will announce some games for Vita this E3 that will convince many to buy it, or at least desire it more. I mean there's already a lot of compelling content, but Soul Sacrifice looks amazing from the early screens.

Here's hoping for more epic stuff like that and some platformers similar to PS2 era stuff.