Moral Choice And The Witcher 2 – Nobody Does It Better

"Above and beyond its joyously decadent gameworld, rich characterization and compelling storyline, the thing that most impresses about the Witcher 2 is its supreme handling of that enticing yet slippery modern RPG staple: the moral choice system."

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NYC_Gamer1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

The Witcher franchise is just beautiful from gameplay to story telling

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TrendyGamers1990d ago

It's in my giant backlog of games to play, hopefully I'll have time in the summer.

Canary1987d ago

The Witcher and its sequel have managed to recapture a very simple, very subtle fact that most western game developers seem to have long forgotten: a choice is meaningless if it has no consequence.

Most developers understand this well enough from a mechanical level--if a player chooses low-quality gear to equip himself, he won't do as much damage. A choice, and a consequence.

But it comes to narrative, most developers just half-ass things. The Witcher and its sequel are the first (western) games I'd played in more than a decade where the player could actually effect the narrative by way of decision. And it was glorious.

And I know no one wants to discuss it, or even think about it after the stinging betrayal, but when you see player choice implemented so well in a game like the Witcher, where the concept of the player's decisions impacting the game is NOT an integral part of the game, makes Bioware titles--Mass Effect 3 in comparison--look all the more amateurish and hamfisted.