[Rumor] MW3 Infinity Ward to add 16-20th prestige on Xbox 360/PS3 on double points

A few days ago PC gamers got a new update for Modern Warfare 3 and for the first time they where able to get the content collection 1. PC has now got 20th prestige levels and the rumor is during double points weekend it will be added to PS3 and Xbox 360.

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LuCifer8452257d ago

Fact: They will be adding 5 new levels across other platforms

Fiction: DBL xp only for elite members this weekend.

Been playing for few hours now and no dbl xp

Acadius2257d ago

Once I had hit 10th Prestige, I didn't feel the need to go for 11th etc since there weren't any new titles that accompanied the new ranks. I now only prestige on Double XP weekends. It gives me something to look forward to.

sandman2242257d ago

That's just rediculus. There is no need for more than 10 prestiges.