Beyond Good & Evil 2 Videos Revealed

A video of Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been released.

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VsAssassin2020d ago

First! The vibe is definitely Uncharted. Color me re-intrigued!

Lilioups2020d ago

uncharted looks better than this crap whatthe hell r u smoking

Biggest2020d ago

He said the vibe. Calm down, Lilioups. And he is correct. The art style of the scenery is similar to Uncharted.

VsAssassin2020d ago

Yeah, man. Chill out. The vid showed a locale similar to Uncharted 2's City of Nepal level.

inveni02020d ago

Hoping this is pre-alpha, because nothing moves. Way too static, especially if this is to be a next-gen game. So I can only assume that this is ridiculously early in development...even though it's been in development for a very, very long time.

CDzNutts2020d ago

If this footage looks like "crap" to you then you will never be satisfied with anything.

whoyouwit042020d ago

o my goodness can you say fanboy, no you are beyond a fanboy you are a blind fool.

liquidhalos2020d ago

geez lilipoop if bad attitude was lollipops you would have no teeth.

Learn how to read and comprehend chimp, it will help you greatly in life

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Freak of Nature2020d ago

I have been colored intrigued for quite a long time now. This game is on my top games to watch for list. Ever since this "target" video back in 2009.


dark-hollow2020d ago

looks like an early 360 launch game.

2020d ago
Trenta272020d ago

I'm so amazed how far that game has come.

WeskerChildReborned2020d ago

Next Gen, why can't you come any faster?

TheModernKamikaze2020d ago

I like the toilet part you know, the emotional bond integrated to the toilet from the protagonist.

uncharted562020d ago

Lol you are such a troll haha

TheModernKamikaze2020d ago

It's not trolling if you try to entertain the crowd. :)

Rage_S902020d ago

You belong on the N4G forums my son.

TheModernKamikaze2020d ago

Not sure if compliment or insult.

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The story is too old to be commented.