April 2012 NPD: Spirit Camera bombs, Kid Icarus steady

Nintendo's Spirit Camera bombs in the U.S. while Kid Icarus outsells Vita hardware.

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--Onilink--2142d ago

no surprises there... spirit camera had a very very VERY small niche market... not sure what they were thinking with that game. It feels more like something that could be an add-on for a special edition of a Fatal Frame game, instead of a standalone title

Venox20082142d ago

..or it just could have been an eshop title, game isn't bad, but it's short, I know that you need that book to play, but maybe they could make other way how to use the book, maybe in AR

TheCagyDies2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

I had to explain to the dude at Best Buy what Spirit Camera was and that it was released that day. He had to dig it out of the warehouse for me. I doubt is was a huge lost, there was barely any content and it seemed that the budget was very low for a $40 game and the story mode was at least 3:30 hours long according to my 3DS' Activity log.

Actually here are my stats
Play Time: 3:34
Times Played 2
Average Play Time 1:47
First Played 4/14/2012
Last Played 4/14/2012

tweet752142d ago

so spirit camera might soon be $9.99 or less at most relailors

ShaunCameron2142d ago

LMAO @ Kid Icarus: Uprising outselling the PS Vita.