J'ACCUSE: There's life in Vita

"Sony has some of the sexiest technology out there. So I was actually disappointed in the launch and the marketing behind the launch that supported the machine.

It’d be great for Sony to find a way to reposition its marketing to really show off the PS Vita’s hardware and performance. Vita has the potential to be a big opportunity. It is a fantastic machine. There are so many reasons for buying it but I’m unclear as to why Sony is waiting to promote these key features in its marketing plan."

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Neko_Mega2227d ago

Last I check the launch for the PS Vita was pretty good, I would say alot better then PSP's.

egidem2227d ago


The PSP had an OK launch, but the moment it was starting to take off, it was overshadowed by the launch of the PS3, the following year.

On the other hand, the PSV picked a good time to launch.

CommonSenseGamer2227d ago

The vita is a niche product and has limited appeal outside of those that want to game.

Jihaad_cpt2227d ago

that is pretty obvious. So is the 3DS.

MasterCornholio2227d ago

But the 3DS is like Kinect, it appeals to the casuals which is why it's selling so well. Hate to say this but hard core gamers are a minority group in this industry.


Elimin82227d ago

@ MasterCorn "Hate to say this but hard core gamers are a minority group in this industry."

Hate to say it but you are right!