The Secret World: Can it Survive? (RQR)

The Secret World is a unique MMO experience crafted by Funcom and published by EA. In case you hadn’t heard, a Beta weekend is about to kick off, allowing for participants to interact in the ominous world, specifically as the London based player faction, the Templars.

But going off of publicly available media previews and interviews, can we yet come to a conclusion on TSW’s competitive feasibility in the upcoming MMO release market?

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kdogdaddy2232d ago

From what I've seen the game title has a serious shot at carving out it's own niche market.

RageQuitRebels2232d ago

Isn't a distant possibility what with the fact that the game is launching with a cosmetic cash shop.

zeal0us2232d ago

I sure do hope it does come F2P :)

DigitalRaptor2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

And I will be a part of that niche market. I'm hoping to get a chance to play the beta. Looks good so far.

RageQuitRebels2232d ago

As long as Funcom can overcome any technical issues (think AOC) the title appears to have a fighting chance.