Remedy Entertainment hiring for "future generation consoles."

A tweet from Remedy's CEO shows a slide which details their foray into the next-gen console arena.

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ThatEnglishDude2202d ago

So great to hear that Remedy are on the up and up.

Convas2202d ago

Can't wait for the inevitable Alan Wake 2 announcement. The sooner the better, Remedy, the sooner the better!

AusRogo2202d ago

If its Alan Wake 2, bring it out on the next playstation too! Loved Alan Wake.

ChunkyLover532202d ago

I wouldn't expect it on a Sony console, Microsoft owns the publishing rights. My guess is that its Alan Wake 2, most likely a Xbox 720 launch title or soon thereafter.

If you liked the first one you will probably be able to play it on PC or maybe buy a 720.

Looking forward to more Alan Wake, loved the story telling and episodic episodes of Alan Wake and American Nightmare.

kreate2202d ago

Thats too bad. I rather not play it on pc so i will need a nextbox to play alan wake 2.

Wish it was on a pswii360 instead. So i dont hav to be tied down to any particular console.

StupidDude2202d ago

Never say never. They owned Mass Effect as well.

Though, Alan Wake 2 on PS3 feels less likely to happen.

ChunkyLover532202d ago

Microsoft never owned Mass Effect, they published the first game and so by default got the rights to that. Had Bioware not been bought out by EA, Mass Effect would most certainly have remained a Xbox 360 console exclusive.

The difference with Alan Wake is that Microsoft actually paid for the publishing rights to Alan Wake and Remedy came right out and said not to expect Alan Wake on a Sony console.

I'm not a fanboy or anything, I just am saying what I've heard. I think Microsoft needs all of the IP's they can get.

NYC_Gamer2202d ago

Alan Wake won't hit a PS console since the franchise is owned by MS..

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