Kingdom Under Fire Dominion Info Leaked

Blueside is releasing a new KUF game, and not only that creating a new genre they are calling MMOARTS. What is this new genre you ask? It is to long to post in this description, so head on to check the article along with some screenshots as well!

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jack who3754d ago

Kingdom Under Fire must have already sold a mili...(ms= golden torch)

mullet3754d ago

Didn't Circle of Doom (for 360) receive a 3/10? That's worse than Lair.

jack who3754d ago

the japs ate this game up like cake

mullet3754d ago

Wouldn't surprise me though. Just because it looks like Dynasty Warriors they'd buy it.

Chaos Striker3754d ago

based on vgchartz, the game has barely sold 30,000.

KidMakeshift3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

It's not bad at all, especially playing it with 3 others online. It's in need of a patch though (tearing, framerate and aliasing issues).

I'd rate it a C+/7.5

Anyways, CoD is not like Dynasty Warriors nor like the first KUF games. CoD is similar to Baldur's Gate, and Untold Legends.

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Caspel3754d ago

I don't think you guys understand it fully though. KUF used to be popular in Korea as a RTS game. One the 360 they have been similar to Dynasty Warriors with a few RTS elements. But I believe they are going back to their roots with more RTS elements than action/adventure.

WilliamRLBaker3754d ago

they suck and all ways will, just like the dynasty warriors games they have released like 50 of the games and they all we're the same thing, crappy hack and slash againest 5000 other units.

Leathersoup3754d ago

Run for the hills!!! I had a horrible vision of hundreds of characters swinging their weapons while shouting Hoo! Hoo! Hah!