Viva Vita: It's not too late to rescue Sony's handheld

( Sony attracted unwanted attention to PS Vita's poor sales this week - but it can still turn this console around, argues Rob Fahey

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mushroomwig2261d ago

Is this article really necessary? It hasn't even been out 6 months and already we're getting titles like this?

360GamerFG2261d ago

Vita is failing early so yeah, it doesn't to be out 6 months to be rescued, it needs rescuing now.
Unless of course you believe being outsold by almost every available console a good thing.


Think of PS3 launch all over again.

Was all that 2007 hate necessary? Funny thing is that PS3 outsold 360 worldwide that year and ever year after, making them pretty much even in sales. So all the concern, the doom articles, the Sony needs saving pieces... All of that was no more than media fuzz out of the hype they made themselves and wanted Sony to be responsible for, but they never made the same assumptions over 360, hence MS was marked successful, despite performing basically the same.

Now is Vita's turn to get the rough end of that stick. The sales, the software releases, the overpriced peripherals, those are all inline with early life cycle videogame consoles and handhelds. But the media made Vita to be the second coming much before it was even released, now they try to hold Sony accountable if it don't came to be...

I would not be surprised if someone aligned first year sales from Vita, 3DS, PSP and DS based on trustable sources (companies make trimestral sales reports, so please, don't came in with the VGChartz crap) and found out they are all pretty much in the same lines.

PT Fone Home2260d ago

I completely agree with what you're saying and we should let the sales numbers speak for themselves. The point that I think is being missed is momentum, consumer sentiment is really important for a brand and the next gen of consoles, this is something that Sony is losing.

I say this as an Xbox 360, PS3 and Vita owner

Trenta272261d ago

Like everyone else said, it isn't doing so well. Sony needs to up their support (I'm looking at you Remote Play) and developers need to make some games. The list of games coming out for it isn't that big and even those games are iffy. The best one out of them all is Gravity Rush. Resistance and others just look blah.

MastaMold2261d ago

Damn yo is today PS Vita is Doomed Day or what? I think its like the 4th article with Vita is doomed where its the subject matter these opinions are sad i thought this site was called N4G News for Gamers not O4G Opinions for Gamers

Sent from my PS Vita

StanSmith2261d ago

These articles are getting tiresome.

The Vita doesn't need saving. It just needs a kick up the rear end. It's far from being a dead product. More software and maybe a little price cut / bundle and they'll soon fly of the shelves.

I can't wait until later this year when Vita sales do pick up. Maybe these articles will end. The 3DS got this treatment last year (which a lot of fanboys were quick to agree with) until the games began steadily releasing.

Who am I kidding? It'll be WiiU is Doomed Articles later this year. Followed by Xbox 720/PS4 is doomed in 2013. Gaming journalism is really that predictable!

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xJumpManx2261d ago

The 3DS sold poorly as well when it first came out. I think when you see the next batch of games come out like COD and Madden that look like their console counter part this worry will subside. I bought the Vita at launch and the 3ds at launch and the Vita by far had better launch titles. My 3ds just collected dust until Zelda OOT came out, I play my Vita almost daily.

yesmynameissumo2261d ago

Rescue? Gaming nowadays...

This will be marked as trolling.

smashcrashbash2261d ago

Ummmm.... of course it isn't too late. The VITA just came out the other day. There are lots of things they can do to increase sales. Why are people as adapt at stating the obvious these days?

Hicken2261d ago

It's easier than real news. Making up stuff, making lies into headlines, that's easier than reporting something real. And even EASIER if it's the trend to attack certain consoles or games. Rumors are treated as fact, and everybody runs with it because it makes for sensationalist headlines, which garner hits to their websites. That's all there is to it.

I doubt highly that the Vita will be selling at the same slow clip in a few months, with or without a price cut. Simply put, there are lots of games people are looking forward to (Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Gravity Rush, Bioshock, etc) that aren't that far away. Hell, I spend hours a day playing P3P; I haven't even gotten around to Uncharted or Unit 13, and I play a game of The Show every now and then. Yet I'm completely satisfied.

People just like finding things to complain about. ESPECIALLY when it's something they don't have a lot of interest in to start with.

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