Starhawk Review [MonsterVine]

MonsterVine: "Incognito Entertainment released the addictively fun game Warhawk in 2007, five years later and that studio has split apart with most members going into either Eat Sleep Play or LightBox Interactive. It’s LightBox who have decided to give us a sort of spiritual successor by flinging Warhawk into the future with Starhawk. LightBox basically took the Warhawk formula, threw in some RTS elements, a little bit of tower defense, and came out with their golden egg. It’s hard to explain in words why this addition to the game changes so much in each game you’re in, but you really have to play it to see."

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F7U122263d ago

the best TPS on the PS3 so far, sorry UC3.

Trenta272263d ago

UC3 has nothing on this game. I kind of wish U3 never happened really. They were never going to top the success of UC2.

Hicken2262d ago

... according to you.

Drekken2262d ago

According to the guy with a baynoetta avatar. Based on that, your taste is irrelevant and bad.

Trenta272262d ago

Drekken: Your avatar is your face. Enough said.

Crystallis2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

You cant even compare the two. SH cant touch UC3 when it comes to its single player, story, voice acting, and visuals. With that said, SH multiplayer is way better then any of the uncharted multiplayers.

Uncharted was made for its single player and Starhawk for its multyplayer.

S_C2262d ago

Have to agree with you, the UC games are really the only games i look forward to playing the SP, but having bought starhawk today (having never played warhawk, im loving it). for the last couple of weeks/months ive become really bored of almost every game ive got (online e.t.c, so im glad SH has come out when it has. Starhawk is a must have for any PS3 owner.

F7U122262d ago

Slow your row son! I was only talking about UC3. I made no mention of UC2.

ChunkyLover532262d ago

Solid game, and free DLC, win/win baby!