Xbox 360 web browser may force Sony to make PS3 improvements

Product-Reviews writes: PS3 users have been crying out for a fully functional and easy to use web browser for years, but unfortunately Sony hasn’t delivered. The web browser remains pretty shocking and sadly, the browser on the PS Vita isn’t exactly amazing either.

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danswayuk1927d ago

Let's hope the next-gen systems start out with web browsers much better than this generation.

Lucretia1927d ago

6 years late MS.....but better late than never

egidem1927d ago


Always wondered why a software giant company like them never considered putting a browser to the Xbox 360 before.....until now.

crzyjackbauer1927d ago

6 years later ps3 browser still sucks
still freezing my ps3 LOl

Dee_911927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

i doubt they wil be able to improve the ps3 browser anymore.The last update made it waay better but its still frustrating.Either they make a totally new browser from scratch,get google chrome or just wait til ps4 and make the proper improvements with better specs.
However im looking forward to see what type of browser 360 get. i would die if it got windows mobile 6.5 lol

And at this point wouldnt it be ps3 that forced 360 to get a web browser in the first place ?

Dazel1927d ago

To be honest we don't need it, they aren't very practical with a controller and even if it's better that the terrible ps one, why would I use it when I have pc, tablets and phones?

STONEY41927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

The fact that the stock browser on my phone (Galaxy S) is faster than the PS3 browser, has a much better UI, and never crashes on me, says a lot.

It's not even really about the gamepad being bad for browsing. The PS3 browser is slow and LOVES freezing up. Plus, it should have a huge advantage considering it's directly connected to the internet through a cable, while my phone is on T-Mobile's pseudo 4G. Even scrolling down a loaded page on my phone is fast and smooth. The PS3 just kinda... skips when scrolling.

sikbeta1927d ago

Took 4 years to improve the browser in the PS3 and still is crappy, HW issue though, hope next gen browser kick @ss or at least be on par with Firefox, Chrome being the absolute peak, can't expect much for X360 browser because HW is in the same league, but then again, MS is SW company, so they can pull it off :D

Brosy1927d ago

I personally don't care about a browser on a console. It's just not practical, Sony has proven this with the PS3. No need for a browser if you have a PC.

n4gisatroll1927d ago

You fools do realize they did patch the browser awhile ago right?sure its not the best, but it does work, and hasn't crashed on me since they fixed it.

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jadenkorri1927d ago

problem with a console browser is that most of the time when i want to use it, is when im playing a game and stuck, however im not gonna quit the game, load the browser search for what i want then back to the game, when i can easily search on my phone or walk to my cp in the other room and search there... The ps3 browser would be better if it worked while in game.

Hisiru1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

WTH? Web Browser isn't even important for gaming.

Don't you guys have web browser on your computer, smartphone etc? Seriously... I know aditional features can only be good for us but are you guys really disappointed about the lack of a good web browser in your console?

You can't even have a decent keyboard + mouse... Why would people prefer to use web browser on consoles if they can have it on personal computers?

Boody-Bandit1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Are these gaming consoles or what?
I have all the consoles (PS3, 360, Wii, handhelds), Killer gaming rig but I never use my PS3 or even my gaming rig to surf the net or the other features like netflix, etc. I use one of my many other devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

My gaming devices are for gaming not surfing, social networking or watching tv / movies, sports, etc. I have Satellite and everything else listed above to fill those needs.

MS needs to start focusing on exclusive core games and not adding additional apps and features that only a very small segment of their consumer base use.

I am frustrated with the direction they are headed and what they are focusing their efforts on. This generation is nearing it's end and I'm not going to purchase their "Next Box" unless they give me moderately challenging games that I can only get on their hardware. I honestly don't see that happening. They are too busy chasing what's fashionable and trendy instead of sticking to gaming.

It's almost as if MS just keeps throwing mud against the wall to see what will stick. MS, the people that brought you to the dance are being ignore by you. Stop the casual crap and useless features and add ons that work better on other devices.

Edit: Pound disagree until your fingers bleed. I'm just being honest. I think all this Facebook, Twitter, HBO GO, Netflix, Web Browser, etc is useless to me, a GAMER. I purchase gaming consoles to GAME. I have a ton of other devices to do everything else and they are a lot more accessible, functional, faster and easier to use.

Tacking on this worthless crap is just a way for them to take attention away from the 800lb gorilla in the room, they now are lacking in the area that matters most, GAMES.

THESONYPS31926d ago

@crzyjackbauer, you do realise that the playstation 3 has been out a year less than the 360?

Boody-Bandit1926d ago

Yeah, you guys are right.
Web browsers are more important than games for game consoles. /S

SilentNegotiator1926d ago

Wait....internet explorer?

......ps3's browser has nothing to worry about. lol

DeadlyFire1926d ago

I say spec wise. Either one will have problems with a web browser. PS4/XB3 on the other hand I think are more aligned to have a modern browser. I think the X360 browser talk is just another rumor. Likely if Microsoft is talking about putting a browser in anything it will be next Xbox. As they could have slapped a browser into X360 when they were thinking about facebook/twitter integration. There was a reason they did not do it. Likely that reason still exists.

Trebius1926d ago

Internet explorer is EASILY the worst browser out there. I dont dare let that browser find its way on my computer. They used to be forced on us back in the day, most new notebooks and pcs still come with IE pre installed, but everyone just gets a different browser.

IE is notoriously inefficient.
But at least the 360 HAS a browser, thats a step in the right direction, just hope they dont charge for it.

SolidStoner1926d ago

why Sony just dont take Google browser??? that would be good for Google, Sony and Us!

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Akuma-1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

A web browser added to xbl may force Sony to add a hd media format like blue ray to the ps3. I know a lot of people would rather a web browser on the xbox than new exclusive games.

Playstation is the future and the future is playstation

dark-hollow1927d ago

"rather a web browser on the xbox than new exclusive"

If someone already an Xbox owner, why would he care if the upcoming game is exclusive to his console or not?

He can't enjoy assassin creed III? Anticipate gta V? Play skyrim?

Persistantthug1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

It's a lie.
How do we know?
Because XBOX 360 fans get excited about GEARS & HALO & FABLE every year.

XBOX 360 fans want exclusives too.
And perhaps if, like you, they admitted the problem & screamed at MS and vehemently let them know theres a problem instead of lying & pretending everythings fine, mabey there could be some change.

Change doesn't come by pretending, dark-hollow.

koh1927d ago

I'm going to tell you right now, and I mean this from the heart, I couldn't give less of a damn about exclusives. Exclusive games are great for the Sony or Microsoft, but do absolutely NOTHING for me. I don't take any extra enjoyment from watching other people not play a good game. I may really be in the minority here, but as long as the game is not crippled by bugs because it was designed with the other system in mind (Skyrim anyone?), I don't care.

Typically, I buy multiplayer-centric games for Xbox, and single player games for PS3 (Skyrim excluded of course), but I would be thrilled for my Xbox -only friends to get a try at Uncharted and by PS3-only friends to play Halo with me.

dcbronco1927d ago

Persistantthug, I think Sony fans don't care about exclusives. If exclusives mattered so much. Playstation would be the number two console at this point. The Xbox was a faulty machine for the first three years. 30% + failed. Not many exclusives. Pay to play online. Xbox started with a 5 million headstart. They are still two million ahead after almost 6 years.

So those exclusives account for 500,000 extra consoles a year. Or was it the Playstation brand that did that? Or Blu-ray? Or free online? PS2 sales were more than double PS3 sales.

The difference exclusives have made have been to the bottom lines of the two companies. Sony has surely lost money on some of their exclusives. While they have made a ton on others. Same for MS. But if you added all of the cost involved with making and advertising exclusives, I would bet you that MS has made more money. And Sony has little or no additional console sales to justify their decisions.

And you wonder why the stock price is so low.

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Kurt Russell1927d ago


If Gears and Halo weren't exclusive, I would still buy them... as they're great games. The fact they're exclusive makes no sodding difference to my excitement what-so-ever.

If all games were multiplat I wouldn't have a problem... I would simply buy the system that ran them the best... and play that.

kreate1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Exclusives dont matter to a fanboy whose console doesnt have exclusives. Becuz a fanboy would rather pretend.

In 2006-2008 everyone said exclusives matter. Every website to every game magazine to every developers said exclusives matter.

I had a 360 at this time and many times i heard xbox gamers talking about how ps3 has no games over on live.
If u played live during these times u should know exactly what im talking about.

Go to youtube everyone was making fun of the ps3 putting sausages inside it and laughing at it.

Well tables are turned i dont see ps3 fanboys (although just as bad) putting sausages
inside a xbox.

The same arguements about exclusives didnt matter, why didnt ppl use it back in 2006-2008 days?

Becuz to some level of degree at least, it does matter. Generally speaking that is.

Or did u put ur head in the ground during these days?

TheRealHeisenberg1927d ago

@ Kurt Russell

I am with you on that one. I although I prefer gaming on my PS3 it is by no means the "be all, is all" that some here seem to think it is. Sure exclusives are important, just not to everybody.

Perjoss1927d ago

Exclusives are a nice bonus, nothing more, why? because they only make up a tiny percentage of all games release over the course of a year.

TheRealHeisenberg1927d ago

@ kreate

I remember those days. Personally, I think the multiplat games have gotten better than they were years ago which "may" be why exclusives (which are definitely better now) don't matter to some anymore. I honestly think fanboys take the exclusive arguments and sales arguments way too seriously.

Hicken1927d ago

You're delusional. There's no other way to put it. Where is this proof that PS3 fans don't care about exclusives? Most AAA exclusives have sold a million or more, which is more than can be said for most multiplats.

That lead wasn't 5 million, either. From November to November, Microsoft sold more like 8-10 million 360s that first year, which means they had about that much of a lead. Trying to minimize it down to 5 is some spin control if I've ever seen it.

Does it have to be pointed out to you AGAIN that the PS3 has continually outsold the 360 since both have been on the market. Oh, yeah, Microsoft edged them out last year, so suddenly all the other years don't count.

The 360 will be 7 in November. And it will have sold a certain amount by then, likely around 70 million or so.

The PS3 will be 6 in November. And it will have sold a certain amount by then, likely around 70 million or so.

Which one is doing better? Oh, and one of them is STILL more expensive than the other, as it has been since its launch. If it's all about the multiplats, then they should be selling at the same rate, right?

But they're not. You named a lot of things that could be factors, and there's no doubt all of them are. But don't downplay exclusives just to try and make it suit your argument. They contribute to that difference in rate of sale. Make no mistake.

And that parting shot of yours was pure ignorance. All of a sudden, you forget that Sony has multiple divisions, and that not all of them are doing well? Yeah, whatever. I wonder if anybody else will call you out for being the troll you are.

jrbeerman111927d ago

exclusives dont matter to those that have both consoles. They only care about good games. at least thats how I feel.

Ill enjoy Diablo 3, Uncharted, Gears of war, and Skyrim based on the games themselves and not what system they are on.

HOWEVER if you only own one console or just a gaming PC, then exclusives do matter. because no one wants to be interested in a game that they cannot play, like me and skyward sword.

Yes multiplats like Skyrim and Arkham City and Rockstar Games stand up to the exclusives in quality, but exclusives are still important and its a shame that 360 has strayed from that.

jetlian1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

whatever 20 how did you get a bubble in 1 day? anyway this year MS has better exclusive and they wont even be the reason.Exclusives dont matter.

Name any ps3 exclusives that are above witcher 2 and halo 4?! No point mention kinect games even they are out selling core ps3 exclusives.

XBLA has 10 times more decent games coming over PSN if you want name them too.

Games im most looking forward 2 are tekken tag 2, DOA5, virtua fighter 5fs, Resident evil 6 and cod bo2, AC3 all of which are MP games

edit: Also the whole 06-08 exclusive was true then more so than now, Media or internet. Nobody could justify a 500-600 console with no exclusive games and MPlatforms that ran like crap.

tokugawa1927d ago

the thing is, 90% of sonys exclusives are simply forgettable! and only really matter to the fanboys that plague n4g.

just look at the numbers they shift to get an idea of what the "real" world thinks of them. the last "exclusive" i bought was gow3 on my ps3.... lets see what the AAAAAAAAAAAAAA exclusive starhawk does.

sorry kids, i think you lot need to get a new argument. exclusives certainly do count, but when only 2 or 3 of the 20 or so exclusives are worth getting excited about, it gets boring reading you fanboys going on like broken records.

i think it is also worth remembering that the ps3 is dirt cheap now. if people wanted one they would just buy one. being a ps3 owner is not, and has never been like being a member of the masons or owning a ferrari..

mobhit1927d ago

Denial is still denial. PS3 exclusives are forgettable? Gran Turismo, the God of War and Uncharted series would like to have a word with you...

I can't tell if you're trolling for the sake of trolling or your serious because if you are serious, then I suggest seeing a shrink.