Borderlands 2: Almost 20 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Tired of reading about why Gearbox’s Borderlands 2 is so good? Well, now you can check out all the monster-splattering, loot-showering, giant fiery land squid tentacle action yourself.

Below you’ll find two gameplay videos showing off the Gunzerker and Siren classes as they chunk enemies with explosive shotguns and trap monsters in glowing, hovering energy bubbles in relentless pursuit of the perfect gun.

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Whatsupdog2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Yea, I am gonna go the Gunzerker way...two assault rifles at the same time!!

TheModernKamikaze2043d ago

I liked the sniper in the first game, so I am going to use Zero! Even though he is more of an assassin. :P

Whatsupdog2043d ago

yea, zero does sound mysterious in this game...would be interesting to see what he is all about!

maawdawg2042d ago

Played this at PAX East, I can't wait for September. The dual wield skill is as awesome as you think it would be, especially when you pick the perks that reload the weapons in your pack (any unused weapon) and extend the skill whenever you kill someone. That way you have 2 guns out and just hit Y to swap out the other two when they are out of ammo. You never have to reload on him at all.

Yangus2043d ago

Very cool game!I buy.

Maldread2043d ago

Didn´t get the first one, but number 2 looks very fun, so i might give this a shot.

Anyone else think that the second guy who commented in the video sounded a lot like Sony American boss Jack Tretton hehe? Could´ve swarn it was him. Almoast that least.

maawdawg2042d ago

Do yourself a favor and pick up the GOTY Edition of the first one next time steam drops it to $10 or whatever ridiculously low price. You won't be disappointed.

TheModernKamikaze2042d ago

I agree, you should get the GOTY of the first one it got me hooked.

Maldread2035d ago

I love RPGs so yeah maybe i will :) Thanks guys :)

Pintheshadows2043d ago

I always loved Borderlands style. This looks great. The Gunzerker appeals to me right now.

TheModernKamikaze2042d ago

I don't know who would disagree because I love Borderlands.

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