Why We Shouldn’t be Remaking Zelda Games in HD At All

ZI writes: Two days ago, our glorious leader Nate came out fan-guns blazing in support for a full HD Majora’s Mask remake for the Wii U, to which our secondary glorious leader (glorious secretary? pleasant leader?) Lex essentially said “no”, putting forth the idea for an HD…well, “remake” isn’t quite the right word (think Ocarina of Time 3D), but graphical overhaul of Twilight Princess - for the Wii U. Now, some minor re-texturing and enabling of HD resolution is one thing, but fully remaking games to be the best they can be graphically and/or gameplay-wise? That’s a big waste of time.

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richierich2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

Nintendo should keep making new Zelda games and not bother remaking old ones imo

ThatEnglishDude2083d ago

Resorting to remaking games just remind us how dull the new shit is.

Hisiru2083d ago

Sony has a lot of "HD collections" but I don't think God of War 3 is dull or a bad game, I actually love it.

slixshot2083d ago

Allowing those who weren't around during these games original release is great imo. Really, I'd be upset if people couldn't experience Ocarina of Time with the same fervor as myself.

stragomccloud2083d ago

Agreed. We already have to wait years and years between releases.

CraigUK2083d ago

I don't see a problem. Nintendo re-released a number zelda games on Virtual Console. They might not have been HD remakes but they looked a damn sight better than playing them on their original console.

Nobody is forcing you to buy Zelda remakes. I don't see why it is an issue.

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