Lollipop Chainsaw Has A Different Image Girl In Japan

Lollipop Chainsaw has a different image girl in Japan. While the role of Juliet Starling is being taken on by cosplayer, Jessica Nigri, in North America, Japan gets Mayu Kawamoto. Well, actually, Japan gets them both next week. Kadokawa Games will be promoting Lollipop Chainsaw in Akihabara on May 19th, and both Juliets will be at the event to represent the game.

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AusRogo2169d ago

Na, Jessica Nigri is one sexy chick! Though this one isnt bad,!

Hicken2169d ago

I dunno if I'd say that, but she DOES look more like Juliet.

FinaLXiii2168d ago

Mayu Kawamoto is the cuttiest

Kyosuke_Sanada2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Both girls! Duel! Chainsaw Cage Match! Strawberry Parfait Ring! Make it happen!