Final Fantasy XIII Trailers in Divx 1080P

Thought the 1080p MP4 trailers made were good? Well, they went back to the roots and enhanced and converted the original files to present to you, the new Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII from the CLOUD DVD, in Divx, in 1080p.

The colour is much better, and the video is smoother than the last 1080p trailers, and of course, these will now play on your PS3!

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Hydrollex3866d ago

Xbox 360 can only dreams these 2 games !

Agree or Disagree ?

TANOD3866d ago

why would someone disagree

FF13 is the biggest game of this era

TheTwelve3866d ago

Yes...these enhanced trailers will just whet my hunger...


n_n3866d ago

downloading as we speak and going right to my PS3! wOOt!

Foliage3866d ago

I've been looking forward to FF13 for some time now, in fact it was number one on my list. Little did I know that Versus 13 would come along and take that position away. I was expecting something great from Versus, but it looks to be beyond my expectations, and exactly what the franchise needed.

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Makroyale3866d ago

and the D/L speed sucks. How do they look?!?

Staircase3866d ago

Oh god.... I can't wait to see how these look.

sumfood4u3866d ago

When FF13 & Versus becomes! available. Until than im back on my .hack//G.U. Woot!

TheHater3866d ago

.hack is one of the most underrated game series last generation.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3866d ago

I know. Still need to buy the third installment and wait for the Trilogy movie.

WilliamRLBaker3866d ago

is the source for these files and the originals in 1080p? if not then its just upscalling really...

ancient1123866d ago

Just checked, disappointed cuz it's just an upscaled version, not really HD.........

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The story is too old to be commented.