Resident Evil 6: Capcom’s Greatest Effort Yet?

Resident Evil 6 is shaping up to possibly be one of the best games of 2012. With a development staff of more than 600, it’s Capcom’s biggest production to date.

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tigertron2138d ago

I'll believe that when I see/play it.

Lucretia2138d ago

no matter what u think its still their biggest project, it has the biggest team capcom has ever gathered and has one of the longest dev times for a capcom game.

im sure its safe to say the effort is there.

its different to say whether or not they fell short or not. but if its atleast as fun as re5 im sold. just hope there is actual horror this time

Greyfoxdbz2138d ago

Only the result of the effort is what we gamers care about. After all, we have seen games where little effort has been applied but has been incredible nonetheless.

tigertron2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

Well lets hope its better than their effort with RE5 as they just copied and pasted enemy AI and animations from RE4.

@ Greyfoxdbz

Are you saying the latest COD games are incredible?

Greyfoxdbz2136d ago

Hahaha, I think you misunderstand. I'm not saying that AT ALL. I'm just saying many people don't really care about the processes and methods of game development as long as the end result (whether effortless or not) is good. I personally have gotten bored of the Call of Duty franchise but millions of people still buy it. Effort doesn't equal quality. You can put everything you have into trying to score a goal and still end up shooting too wide.

fastNslowww2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

So sick of Chris Redfield. Guys persona, look, everything just doesn't fit the Resident Evil universe anymore. He was best as a quiet marksmen. That being said, the split story isn't something i fancy much, could work..but we shall see.

Capcom need to ditch the tiresome mercenary/action side. Go back to RE4 style of environments and pace. RE5 was a complete mistake so learn from it CAPCOM!

that is all.

Lucretia2138d ago

whats wrong with the split story?

RE has done that for every single RE game except 4. 5 too i guess but it still involved 2 characters.

meowthemouse2138d ago

Effort does not make talent.

theeg2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

people have euphoric recall about gaming

re4 was clunky, albiet awesome because it leaned more toward action and had almost zero puzzles

with re5 they took it just a bit to far, removing all puzzle elements but refined the controlls for the better

re6 needs re5 like controls, with way more puzzle/survival elements

i like the idea of a dual story happening in parallel, it opens up a lot of cool plot devices and narrative tricks, hopefully they stay true to making the leon sections pure survival horror.

Agent_00_Revan2138d ago tricking us into giving them more money maybe.

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