TVGB Editorial: EA, We Have a Need for Speedy Chases

A common and popular theme and game mechanic that the NFS series capitalized on was car chases – specifically police chases. From this idea, the Hot Pursuit editions evolved, and the games, which included police chases, have been among the most popular NFS games. Is that what Need for Speed: Pro Street lacks?

Need for Speed: Pro Street has no police chases, no free-roaming city, no sappy, Fast and the Furious-like storyline. The story, from what I can grasp, of NFS: Pro Street is that you are Ryan Cooper, a former street racer who wants to go pro and race on legit circuits. That's it. Oh, and you want to beat the guy ranked number one. There's no substance to it.

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jack who3989d ago

i couldn't agreed show how much i agreed i have not buy any NFS game since NFSHP2

Ureval3989d ago

I just cant get into racers anymore. Burnout is awesome and I love Mariocart but thats it.