Why Datura fails where Journey succeeds

TVGB: "Coming off the back of Journey was always going to be tough for Datura, this week’s odd little PSN release. It wasn’t long ago that Thatgamecompany raised the bar for innovative, thought-provoking experiences with its critically-acclaimed hit, and it can’t help but put the latest title from Linger in Shadows developer Plastic to shame."

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Trenta272258d ago

How can someone even compare these two? I don't even...

Yangus2258d ago

Datura better psn title Journey......i buy Datura.

DigitalRaptor2257d ago

Why are people always trying to compare things instead of putting their focus into reviewing games for their OWN merits rather than that of other games? This is where gaming journalism fails heavily and makes me kinda embarrassed as a gamer who is open to unique experience.

Datura is what it is. The product of a developer trying something different and original. Maybe it's not a game in the traditional sense, but more of an abstract experience. I don't know why it's being compared to other games that aren't even similar.