Diehard GameFAN: Dark Legends Review

DHGF: Dark Legends is an interesting entry in the MMO genre, giving you cross-platform play from your PC to an Android device, and the iOS. While the visuals are a bit simplified given which devices it runs on, the story pretty basic, and feeling like a slightly fleshed out version of a casual RPG from Facebook with other people in it, it does have a bit of charm. There is some flashy and fun action combat, and it’s good for when you have a few moments with your phone or tablet, or are waiting for a download on your PC, so you can pop in and do a little PVP or work on your campaigns. There’s a bit of fun to be had marauding around as a vampire, but I think people who are heavier into MMOs might get bored with the simplicity while a casual player will have a blast.

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