Goldeneye XBLA - Let's Make Some Noise!

Pork writes: "Okay so lets get straight to facts. Microsoft and Nintendo couldn't agree on how to split the ridiculous amount of money they would receive from an XBL port of everyone's favorite FPS possibly of all time. As you all know from hearing on Digg, Kotaku, and other sites, the project is now shelved, so it is up to us to make some noise, and make sure Microsoft and Nintendo know how outraged the gaming community is and how this game HAS to happen and soon."

" Rare007 Petition

Microsoft E-Mail contacts:

[email protected]
Major Nelson 'Xbox Live Director of Programming' (Most Important)

[email protected]
Edelman 'Xbox Press Director'
Xbox 360 Live E-Mail Form

Nintendo E-Mail contacts:
Nintendo E-Mail Form
Nintendo PR E-Mail Form "

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sonarus3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

golden eye is a great game i would buy it for nostalgia value but how many ppl would. i really dnt see it making a rediculous amount of money unless there is some graphical improvement. regardless of how good it was its still 2 generations of gaming behind us

@littletad. the point is not will it sell its will it be making msoft and nintendo insane amounts of money. i honestly dnt see it outselling sonic. same with if they dropped and mgs1 remake on psn or live i dnt see it making insane amounts of money.

littletad3992d ago

Then why bother putting up Castelvania: SOTN on Arcade or TMNT:Arcade? Regardless of "who" buys these games, it allows for future generations (including the casual gamer) to try out these classics. Last year, Sonic the Hedgehog titles were on the top ten list of Live activity. And two of those games I just mentioned don't even have multiplayer. Goldeneye will sell, as do all memorable retro titles, to all gamers. young and old.

littletad3992d ago

But were talking about two "kids" here coming to an agreement over candy, literally.

AzaziL3992d ago

Com'n, they're suppose to be smart and on the hustle, why in the hell isn't this game on the market yet??? The only deal I see that works is M$ letting nintendo release it on the Wii in exchange to release it on the 360, and everyone wins.

TrevorPhillips3992d ago

i signed the petetion i even told my other 4 brothers to sign it just to bring this game to xbla i love this ohh and the controllers will be better to use because the controllers for this game on N64 was hard especially the camera so yeh it will be better on the xbox 360 and online will be awesome even the graphics will be improved rare said =] also they r thinkin of bringin perfect dark to xbla aswell =] =]

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