Atelier Ayesha Opening Cinematic

Ayesha whose only friend is a pet cow goes on a mission to reunite with her long lost sister.

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Cryptcuzz2201d ago

I never played any of the Atelier games, but this game looks beautiful like you said. I have seen other screenshot of the game and the graphics for this game looks pretty good as well.

Are any of the other games any good?

Spenok2201d ago

Yes. The Atelier games have always been good. And unlike a lot of other games out there, are only getting better with each consecutive release.

Though to be completely honest they are somewhat of niche games.

However if you like RPG's, i urge you to give them a try. Start with Atelier Rorona, as its the first of the series on PS3.

Cryptcuzz2199d ago

Thanks for that man, that was very informative. I do like rpg games and will give Rorona a shot.