Sony Falls to 31-Year Low as Forecast Misses Estimate

Bloomberg: Sony Corp. (6758) fell to the lowest level in Tokyo trading since 1980, when the Walkman was new and before it introduced the first compact-disc player, after forecasting profit that lagged behind analyst estimates.

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crimsonfox2137d ago

Your making a whole lotta sense right now.
Its a damn shame really. Sony offers something for everyone but for some reason ain't catching a break. i'm going to blame this on global warming. I just don't get it

Virus2012137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

The blame can't be put on "global warming". I agree with the article that it's Sony's TV sales that is causing the loss. They are doing great everywhere else.

ginsunuva2137d ago

Sony spends too much on R&D.

And they don't stop, either.

Akuma-2137d ago

Sony is the biggest and best video game makers in the world.

Playstation is the future and the future is playstation.

Edward752137d ago

Fanboy much Akuma!

Now if Sony was only a gaming company. Gaming is like one cog in the whole Sony machine.

They are really in trouble, we just don't want to believe it.

AdmiralSnake2137d ago

That's his opinion Edward.

He said they were the best, he never said they were the only ones in the gaming market.

GamingPerson2137d ago

Has nothing to do with gaming or Sony's gaming division though..

MariaHelFutura2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

They should stop allowing these articals about Sony/MS that have ZERO to do w/ gaming. Both the companies do a lot of different things, we can't just have everything to do w/ Sony/MS being posted here.

dcbronco2137d ago

Yeah, cause if you have cancer in your lungs it has nothing to do with your heart.

dcbronco2137d ago

The reality is this has everything to do with gaming. Gaming was Sony's best division for some time. That changed with Ken Kutaragi's grand plan for the PS3. 5+ billion in losses has left Sony in a position where they couldn't respond properly to changing situations.

Just like the losses in other divisions are hurting the gaming divisions ability to advertise and drop prices now. And not only do they need to keep posting these articles, gamers need to start reading them. And understanding them more. The more gamers understand the business that is gaming, the fewer ridiculous demands and the fewer fanboys.

Okay, I was kidding on that last part. You can't change a fanboy because stupidity is the core problem there and facts can't help with that.

kreate2137d ago

Well.. Its suppose to be in tech spy instead of n4g. Just like how anime suppose to belong in anime shinbun.

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Persistantthug2137d ago

But outside of the Playstation brand and video games, I cant think of one thing that Sony is #1 in.

Sony's gonna need to decide which departments and divisions need to be 'slashed & burned'......and they need to decide quickly.

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AusRogo2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

I hope they bounce back! They cant catch a break. If playstation ever dies, im sticking with pc. Since I have always been pretty happy what I pay for when it comes to the ps brand.

neutralgamer192137d ago

One phrase "medocrity and trash sells". Sony i will continue to support your brand in gaming because you offer the highest quality in software and hardware. Keep it up youll be just fine. And you better continue to churn out those killa exclusives that turn out to be best games on the market hands down.

360GamerFG2137d ago

I wonder if that phrase can be used for the PS2 and Gran Tourismo or is it only reserved for non-sony products?

MariaHelFutura2137d ago

If you're going to insult Gran Turismo, at least spell it right......

dark-hollow2137d ago

What a load a bull.

"Mediocrity and trash sells"
So the ps1/ps2 are mediocre garbage?
I always hear how much hyped the ps3 exclusives and how they are the pinnacle of quality which not necessarily right.

You all talk like any non ps3 exclusive is absolute garbage in comparison.

Ps3 lost majority of their fanbase early on do to their arrogance in the beginning of this Gen.

"Next Gen starts when we say so" releasing the ps3 for a whopping £600 with weak launch and similarly weak online (at the time)

With both libraries of games are 99% identical, am not surprised that both systems sells close to each other.

If they released the ps3 for cheaper, never let go of resident evil and final fantasy and other major exclusives, Microsoft wouldn't have a chance.

MariaHelFutura2137d ago

This has ZERO to do w/ the PS3.

european_cannon2137d ago

Great comment dark, to add, if people can't see the PS3 was rushed out so Sony could win the "format war" and secure themselves Bluray royalties for the next however many years they are fooling themselves.

The funny thing is now that Sony won the format war (which everyone thought would be huge, me included) no one is trading their DVDs in for more expensive Bluray versions. The majority seems to be content with standered definition DVDs (like the Wii). The current state of the economy doesn't help either. As the rumor goes, Sony paid WB close to 500 million to drop and eliminate HD-DVD. Money that could have been spent in better ways, instead of putting a lot of their eggs in the Bluray basket that no one seems to care about anymore.

DigitalRaptor2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

"Ps3 lost majority of their fanbase early on do to their arrogance in the beginning of this Gen."

I doubt that was the case for millions who bought a Wii or 360 for a number of reasons. Both of those consoles released before PS3 and at a much cheaper price. The Wii was exciting for casual gamers (many of which came from PS2s) and Nintendo fans. The Xbox 360 caught on because of Gears of War, Halo, Mass Effect, Xbox Live and online gaming.

Sony's $600 PS3 wasn't an arrogant move, it was a purely financial decision based on what it cost them to manufacture. In fact it was heavily subsidised based on the Blu-ray player within. I'm glad my PS3 has Blu-ray functionality and it sure has affected certain games in regards to storage, quality and convenience. I was okay to wait for a price drop, like I do with most consoles.

The only arrogance was what you mentioned with Kutaragi's statements. The games weren't weak.. they were just not "top-tier". Resistance, MotorStorm, WipEout, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank... all good games. The online was weak though. It has come on leaps and bounds since.

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neutralgamer192137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

I just hope with how casual consumers are being catered too by other systems that Sony doesnt change its tune and start catering to casuals. I dnt want bs games like dance star wars, angry birds and other cornball games at the price if losing great games just because they see casuals are the mass market. I mean thy have to make their money but if Sony goes that route exclusively like we see with some consoles thtll be a sad day.

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