Minecraft Xbox 360 is "gimped", says FortressCraft dev

OXM UK: "What's GOOD about it?"

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dirigiblebill2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )


Yi-Long2231d ago

... but what if he's right in his criticisms!?

Not saying HIS game is better (Like I said, I don't know), but if Minecraft has so much money and support behind it, couldn't it have had avatar-support, textures, etc etc, instead of being based on the old FREE Minecraft from 14 months ago, allowing less players than a cheap indie game!?

His criticism is that with all the money and support, this release of Minecraft seems underwhelming, meaning it could (and thus should) have been much better.

Is that a wrong criticism, regardless of WHO says it!?

Convas2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Yi-Long, you lost me when you said they based MC360 on "the old FREE Minecraft from 14 months ago".

Shows how much you know.

Yi-Long2231d ago

... I already mentioned how much I know about the games, so I just stated what Sawkins said in the article, and questioned if that is correct or not...

... and if it is, if he is wrong in his criticism.

That's all.

kreate2231d ago

Yi long said he doesnt know and that he never played the game.

Why cant ppl answer or counter argue the main subject at hand instead of dancing around the question.

Hicken2231d ago

The simple truth is that he's right: the game IS gimped for 360, as compared to the PC version. It'd probably be just as gimped, though, on PS3.

Yi-Long has a point, though: if what this dude is saying is right, then it's even MORE gimped than it should be expected to be. I mean, I wouldn't have expected an endless or super-massive map on either system, but if what was said is true, it could have been better than it is.

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dirigiblebill2232d ago

Yeah, bit of a shame really. He's just making himself look like a plonker.

You don't sling mud without getting yourself muddy.

wallis2231d ago

Actually I agree with him. It IS gimped - one map is the world size limit so that sounds like a pretty gimped version to me.

Admittedly he probably is a bit jealous but it doesn't change the fact that minecraft 360 is nowhere near the full experience because for some weird reason they killed one of MC's strongest pulls - infinite exploration.

Reborn2231d ago

Of course.

Everyone should be aware that coming from PC, to a console, will reduce (change) some things. This sounds rather like a shot at MC though.

jmac532231d ago

The size of the world is in relation to how much RAM you have in your system. So of course 512MB is going to be smaller than a PC with 2GB.

LtSkittles2231d ago

I'm not saying it's not gimped, or it is. I don't care about the world limit right now, and haven't put much time into creating intricate things, so I can understand the cause for concern for those that do.

Akuma-2231d ago

Aren't most games on the xbox 360 gimped?

Prince_Dim-Lu2231d ago

No... You're thinking of the PS3 sloppy second games that come a year later. Or the PS3 version of COD.

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BizDaWolf2232d ago

it was good enough for them to copy

Reborn2231d ago

Well, someone is angry.

TheModernKamikaze2231d ago

Said from someone who copied the game.

Regent_of_the_Mask2231d ago

Of course it's gimped. The 360 is a last gen console & it can't even handle minecraft. Invisible walls & smaller worlds are 360 exclusive features. lol

qwertyz2231d ago

really ? so there are actually ps3 exlusives with big worlds ? B.S all consoles only allow for small scripted environments LOL PC FTW!!!!

PunkXIV2231d ago

funny, he didn't mention PS3 anywhere in his comment. looks like you're a little insecure.

chadachada1232231d ago

It could handle Minecraft well-enough if it did what the PC does and save world data onto the harddrive when it doesn't need to be loaded.

Instead, 4J decided for some fucktarded reason to have the entire world (one map) loaded at once.

The 360 isn't at fault, the developers are.

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