Max Payne 3: Epic Trailer (Fan Made)

All ready for the big launch of Max Payne 3 . Expectations are very high given the change of developer, know that Rockstar Games will not disappoint the fans. This trailer is told a little of what we see in the game. With very well done cut scenes makes the wait is eternal. On 15 May in our American continent will be available for Xbox 360 and PS3. We leave you with the launch trailer:

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BEZZ2207d ago

I do not see an epic. :( Usual, ordinary remounted video. I such can make ten. Music is picked up incorrectly, there does not correspond video, to temperament of video and a rhythm. It is a pity, it was not pleasant to me.

roadkillers2207d ago

Holy rip man. It did make the game seem like a generic action title. I hate to put COD on the spot, but it seemed like a trailer that goes with COD (music and action wise). When doing a trailer you need to show what makes the game different to have it stand out.

R* is doing a great job especially with their commercial, they picked a perfect song.