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Video game adaptations of Hollywood popcorn flicks usually have the reputation of being pretty bad, so throw into the mix that the whole concept is based on a board game and you’ll have a fair idea of what you’re in for with Battleship. Anyone expecting a glitzy, high-definition, Xbox Live/PSN compatible version of the classic board game are in for a real shock. In an attempt to cash in on the popularity of military shooters, such as Battlefield and Call of Duty, Battleship has joined the growing ranks of the First Person shooter genre. However, the game also has an ace up its sleeve which may prevent it from becoming a disaster of Titanic proportions

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Wagz222115d ago

A video game based on a bad movie…hmmm I wonder. But I will say spiderman 3 the game was actually pretty good and that was based on a bad movie so you never know.