The 10 best PlayStation games no one played

Here are 10 of the best PlayStation games no one played. Lost that were brilliant but ignored. Any in your library? Kudos to you.

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Snookies122258d ago

Disgaea is amazing, enough said lol.

Pushagree2258d ago

I played R3 and it was terrible. Weak story mode, unbalanced online. Insomniac clearly half assed it because they knew it wouldnt sell.

Rynx2258d ago

"I watched youtube videos of R3 and it was terrible. Weak story mode, unbalanced online. Insomniac clearly half assed it because they knew I wasn't going to buy it since I trashed it from day 1."


cpayne932258d ago

Had the best single player campaign of any fps I've played this gen imo.

NeoTribe2258d ago

The story mode was fantastic. Played splitscreen with a buddy. Don't lie.

Anon19742258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

I couldn't disagree more with this statement. I'm most of the way through Resistance 3 at the moment (picked it up for $20) and I love it. This is one of the best single player, fps campaigns I've ever played and I was gaming when text adventures were all the rage. The story isn't earth shattering but by videogame standards it's right up there, and some of the levels I've played through distinctly remind me of some of the best levels Half Life 2 had to offer. Can't wait to finish this and play through again, co-op with my wife. She doesn't game much, but I know she'll love this and so few games offer the chance to play through the main campaign in split-screen.

Bleucrunch2258d ago

I don't think we played the same game bro, but you are most certainly entitled to your own opinion.

Ascalon942257d ago

WTF are you talking about? R3 had an amazing campaign and story. It's actually one of the few FPS campaigns that kept me engaged and waiting for the next plot twist to take place. Yes, the story wasn't perfect, but I thourougly enjoyed it.

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RedDead2257d ago

Hate 10 click articles

Resistance 3
El Shaddai
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Vagrant Story
Beyond Good & Evil
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Gitaroo Man

Good list but...Not 10 clicks

Baka-akaB2258d ago

Indeed and it had the open nature people constantly whines about now when it comes to jrpg . But how would they know , they'd rather only touch final fantasy and complain :p

Kur02258d ago

amazing game. it had like 100 side characters you could collect which was pretty daunting.

r212258d ago

YES fully agreed! this game is way under the radar. radiata stories had so much content that you could interact and the combat was fun as well. people, if you havent played this game, you are missing out.

Bleucrunch2258d ago

OOOOMMMMGGGGG Darth I simply LOVED Radiata Stories...I played that game like it was my last. Because it was from the same developers of star Ocean (till the end of time..OH MY GOD I could not stop playing that game) the battle system was sooo nostalgic to me. EVERYONE who is a fan of RPG's MUST MUST MUST Play this game...Hoepfully it gets released on psn as a classic ps2 title. I will buy it again and play that game...Hopefully they make it a high def remake.

MySwordIsHeavenly2257d ago

Haha. I've never played it, but the title makes me think of how old people pronounce radiator.

I don't want to hear some old lady talk about how her "radiata no longer works".

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Blastoise2258d ago

Okami was a great game, if ever there was a game I'd want in HD, it would be that.

Bleucrunch2258d ago

I never played and I regret that...I remember my little brother begging me to get on this game and I sadly didn't listen to him...SMH I am ashamed about this.

dboyman2257d ago

I played it and loved the game style. I wish they made a playable version for the PS Vita! Okami on the run!!

Baka-akaB2258d ago

Meh Enslaved doesnt deserve a spot ... even if you liked it (to each their own) , you gotta admit there are far better titles that were ignored

rdgneoz32258d ago

Good story, though button mashing combat and platforming that did itself. There are other games that deserve a spot over it.

MySwordIsHeavenly2257d ago

No. Enslaved was incredible! Did you actually play through it or just the demo? The story was so memorable and the gameplay evolved constantly!

Baka-akaB2257d ago

I find it to be a terrible game . good story book/movie ? why not , but terrible game . But keep telling yourself i didnt try it .

And again , given the amount of gems that were overlooked over the years , i have trouble believing one wouldnt find better and more deserving titles , that could take its place , even if you liked it .

Picnic2258d ago

I played a bit of the demo of Resistance 3 and realised that I was playing a poor man's regurgitation of Half Life 2: Episode 2 so what was the point of doing that again?

Bleucrunch2258d ago

Bro Resistance 3 was an awesome awesome game...Sony just didn't market it well like they did with the previous two. Shame on them because they missed out on a bunch of sales.

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