Only Sony can save Vita – but it’s not that hard

VG247: Ouch. Vita has sold 1.8 million units since last December. The console is the greatest handheld gaming experience yet created, but Sony’s on the verge of throwing away an incredible opportunity, says blog ninja Henry McNulty.

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Malice-Flare2235d ago

well, Kaz just took over, so i'll wait till E3 for any changes to strategy. Soul Sacrifice looks promising...

Akuma-2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Vita needs gran turismo, mgs 4, mgs rising, cod b.o., assassins creed, bioshock, killzone, lbp, g.o.w, battlefield , gta 5. Once vita gets those games then it'll do amazing saleswise. Most of those games I mentioned were confirmed with rumours on the rest. I have faith that the vita will amazing because its the system that can break the rift between this gens fanboys. This gens core gamers can buy it to experience games akin to the hd console games they are useto playing at home. It's don't that loves making exclusive titles so the vita is guarantee to have massive amounts of quality titles made by Sony first party studio.

MakiManPR2235d ago

No, I prefer the Vita has its own games. I mean whats the point of fill it with ports of the PS3?

mcstorm2235d ago

I agree it needs some games Like GT MGS but it needs its own versions of this game. Maybe a GT5.5 that can link with GT5 and a new MGS too. If they make some games that link with the PS3 versions I think this will also help people pickup the PSV but they also need some of there own stand out IP's as well as Online games too as this is one area Sony can out do Nintendo with there PSV over the 3DS.

I hope the PSV sales start to pickup as I really like the console but at the moment I think the 3DS has the better line up of games.

Redempteur2235d ago

but you can't have this kind of library in just less than a year ..

making games takes time you know ...

Nutsack2235d ago

Vita needs those, but even more important... It needs its own exclusive platform defining games.

Like how PSP had Patapon and Loco Roco. Games made for the system alone. It made the system more special, more reasons for possible customers to buy it.

At this moment, only Escape Plan does this well. Little Deviants is not that good. Unit 13 is good but its a game that is like many other games.

This is what Sony needs to do, sure the quantity of games coming from ports can get certain people in, but make it more special Sony. Make the exclusives irresistable, so that people chose to buy the Vita.

sikbeta2235d ago

Vita needs a price cut + sh*tloads of games and later a new redesigned model that can be advertised as more than just a handheld game, Smartphones are taking over, can't stop that, this E3 should be all about Vita games, if not, game over...

givemeshelter2235d ago

Ports of PS3 or PS2 games never did well on the PSP and won't do well on the Vita also. It needs fresh new games.
The reality is most people will just play those ports on the console itself.

Anarki2235d ago

You can only save something if it needs saving in the first place.

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princejb1342235d ago

i would buy one but I'm jobless

Edward752235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

We see no problem with the product Sony brings out.

Most people don't see a problem with the products Sony brings out

Financially the company is messed up. Bad leadership, horrible decisions, and here is the kicker.... PRODUCTS SO GREAT, BUT NOT MAKING MONEY.

Truth be told... I love my Vita, I love my 360, I love my ps3, I hate my wii
But products and companies that made them can be separated.
Watch this
Truth be told... Sony's company is ran by idiots, MS's ran by money, and for some reason I love Nintendo as a company.

Anyone who thinks that Playstation's and vita's are awesome fine. But you are fooling yourselves if you think Sony as a company is doing well, they are in serious trouble.

I wrote this post about 3 hours ago on the same discussion, different article.

Perjoss2235d ago

I wasn't aware it was in need of saving, sure it could use some more games, but this is standard fare for any new machine.

andibandit2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

It needs a game to draw in people, for example im thinking of investing in a new PC(my current is very old) just to play Diablo 3. Monster Hunter would be a really good idea.

SignifiedSix2234d ago

All they need is a price cut! I enjoy playing uncharted on my cousins. Game is sweet! Just lower the price and release more games! (I know more are coming!) :P

majiebeast2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Love it when they say since december where it only launched in japan give it till the end of 2012 before going teh doomzed! E3 is around the corner and it will probably be filled with Vita news. Cant wait till june for gravity rush.

supremacy2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Getting resistance burning skies later this month, I dont know wha this guy is talking about.

On topic:
To me? He sounds upset that Sony doesnt to want accept homebrew or piracy on their new platform. If you want vita games then you wait like the 3DS crowd did for 3DS games.

The vita launched in december, but only in japan, I highly doubt Sony is going to waste their time chasing EA for a madden port for the japanese release of their new platform.

Madden will come here in the U.S in the month of August when it usually releases.
Right now you got MLB the show with cross play, which spring is the right month for it.

I know, its not homebrew or anything, but even so its the right sports title for the right season.
Besides those games that Sony taken down due to homebrew are slowly making their back to the store(as originally intended). Or isnt that the point anymore?

Also I am no Nintendo fan, but to dismiss the 3DS for its inferiority is not neccesary. The thing has a slew of fun games available and slew more coming.

And the only reason why the iphone gets mention is simply because a good percentange of people have or intent to own one in the near future and its games are extremely cheap when compared to everything else.
Other than that I dont consider it anyhing special or significant in the gaming market.

Infinity blade and angry birds,

Sony Isnt perfect and I must admit I wish they had a richer catalogue of games, but I also understand somethings need to be process.
The guy in this article names ports of console games and embraces the idea of the vita being a console on the go.
However i guess this is also one of those guys who,would most likely sit there and critisize Sony for 3rd parties choosing to port their console games instead of investing in new ips for the device.

Its not as if Sony isnt doing anything about it, & is like I said, somethings need to be process.

DJLB21152235d ago

dead space
resident evil 4
modern combat 3
bad company 2
street fighter 4
marvel vs capcom 2
ultimate MK3
madden 11
nfl 12
nba 2k12
*lots more cant think of them all rite now lol

i mean i dont expect u hardcore gaming geeks to appreciate iOS since most most of u are PC loyalists who were trained to hate apple, but seriously everyone needs to get off the angry birds thing lol. i downloaded it (free) to see what all the fuss was about and i never play it. i think it sucks personally

smashcrashbash2235d ago

Thank you. It's always good to hear someone talk such sense. All you have to have is a little patience and the games will come. A business has processes that they have to go through and people yelling 'I want more games NOW' isn't going to make them come any faster. Sony is announcing more VITA games as we speak if no one noticed and we already have games like MK and RBS coming out.

People had the patience to wait until the 3DS had more games and it's launch line up was atrocious. So I don't see why we can't do the same. What is with some Sony console owners seeming to think they deserve everything faster and more then everyone else? Just wait. Remember the cry 'The PS3 has no games'? And we ended up with more exclusives and just about every third party game the 360 has, more then enough games to play including some really exceptional ones.

Maybe it doesn't quite have it's 'killer app' yet but despite what people say they gave us several above average games to play until more stuff comes out. MK has been getting 9s every where and people seem to be forcibly trying to ignore it. People didn't ignore STF4 despite it being a simple port to the 3DS so why the hate of MK on the VITA?

Edward752234d ago

@ smashcrashbash

People didn't have the patience, people got a price drop. That changed everything for the 3DS.

Optical_Matrix2235d ago

Nothing wrong with the price. Anyone who knows anything about technical specifications knows that this system is real value for money. It's still more powerful than any tablet and phone out there, and does pretty much all the same things except for make phone calls and email, yet it costs less than half the price of high end mobile devices.

What Vita needs is games. It has plenty atm and I'm content, but it needs a multitude of big hitters to attract more buyers. Look at what having a combo of Monster Hunter, Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land did for the 3DS (In Japan).

DJLB21152235d ago

you can use skype app on vita to make calls. i hold it up to my face like a phone and all when im doing voice calls lol

himdeel2235d ago

Dont know about when you skype but it's broken on the Vita. Unless there was a update recently I cannot use it for more than 2 minutes at a time before crashing :(

theusedfake2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

I can't wait until the rpgs start rolling in.