RUMOR: Brawl delayed to March 9th

Apparently, the rumors could be true. It is such a shame that we have to find out this way. Piling up rumors from different retailers. But, keep in mind, it is just a rumor, and we still have hope that it will release February 10th, seeing as Nintendo still has yet to say anything about this.

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Ureval3990d ago

Im scared to play Brawl. The Wiimote is fun but it can be a bit laggy.

Prismo_Fillusion3990d ago

Then play with either of the other two controllers you can use.

fury3990d ago

you can also use the gamecube controller mate

ChickeyCantor3989d ago

.........who told you that nonsense?

Durffen3990d ago

This article lists another retailer that was not on any other list, along with an email saying that it has been delayed sent to someone to reserved the game.

AAACE53990d ago

I'm still not sure if I want this. I know my wife might buy it, cause she's the only one who occasionally plays the Wii. But I see alot of other games i'd rather spend my money on, besides SSBB!

RecSpec3989d ago

Surely you don't mean for the Wii do you?

AzaziL3990d ago

this will be the reason i'll finally get a Wii, especially since you'll be able to beat the hell out of mario with sonic, sweeet!

Durffen3990d ago

Please, actually read the article before approving or delaying it. It contains a letter someone received today saying there reservation for the game was delayed. This has never been posted before, i searched before i posted it, and this letter lists an actual date, as opposed to the older rumors which just list the month of March and no date.

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The story is too old to be commented.