Test Drive Unlimited Developer Eden Games has been closed

Atari confirmed in his latest financial report that the Test Drive Unlimited developer Eden Games is no more and the studio has been closed.

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DaThreats2114d ago

Not easy to survive these days

Frankfurt2114d ago

Good riddance. Their games had the worst handling this gen. Let Playground Games show them how to make an open-world racer (Forza Horizon).

bumnut2114d ago

TDU was ok, but the handling was terrible. I had high hopes for TDU 2, but it was worse!

TheColbertinator2114d ago

That sucks for Atari but they have nothing left now apart from a few mobile games

2114d ago
kmanmx2114d ago

I know TDU2 was technically a dissappointment, but me and a friend are car lovers and clocked up over 100hours each on that game. I would love a good sequel.

I hope Forza Horizon can deliver a similar, yet far better experience.

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