90 seconds of Gravity Rush

Check out 90 seconds of the stunning free floating PS Vita exclusive Gravity Rush.

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Darth Stewie2261d ago

When I get a Vita this will be a title that I will pick up with it.

Makasu2261d ago

Yeah, this is a must for the Vita, the art looks amazing.

Kurisu2261d ago

Pre-ordered my copy a few days ago! Looking forward to it, it's been my most anticipated Vita title since the system was announced.

Game4life2261d ago

I preordered this along with lbp vita and the last story on wii. The two games I really want for vita though are gravity rush and warriors lair.

neutralgamer192261d ago

Yet another solid sony exclusive. The list is extensive.

Makasu2261d ago

It's is, i really hope more people realize this and go out and get a Vita, its a great piece of tech.

r212261d ago

ladies and gentlemen, this game right here is what locked me in for a vita :D cant wait for its release next month!

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