Counting on new PS Vita games not price drop

InEnt writes: When the news finally came about Sony’s financial results it also pleased some analysts who were expecting something worse than a $5.55 billion loss, although some gamers are now looking towards a PS Vita price drop, which some feel would boost PS Vita sales and help the company grow. We would like to point out that if Sony did give the PlayStation Vita a price cut it could help towards another loss next year and it seems Sony have other plans thanks to some hints from their CEO.

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danswayuk2236d ago

Expect some nice game news for PS Vita at E3 2012, especially if they want to increase sales.

Ezio-Auditore002236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Why does this comment have dislikes. All these nintendo fanboys should should stick to there news, not troll the vita's news

TekoIie2236d ago

I dont understand how its getting dislikes either...


I dont think this is just Ninty fanboys. I have said many negative things about Vita and how to fix said problem and i get dislikes. This is also Sony loyalists who dont believe the Vita is in any way bad and the perfect handheld device (which is most likely will be in 2 years).

Snookies122236d ago

No it does not need a price drop. The hardware is DEFINITELY worth the price. New games will surely sell systems, so they're making a smart move. Good lord people, I remember when everyone was so happy about it being $250, because everyone thought it would cost more. Now they complain about it being too high after it releases?

andibandit2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

"worth it" isn't a sole factor, affordable is right up there along side it.

heck i'd buy a new house cause that would DEFINITELY be worth it, but guess what, I cant afford it. The analogy is uncomparably but it's to emphasize my point.

TekoIie2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

the device's value is determined by its support. Every year the PS3 and 360 become much more valuable with new features added resulting in better value for your cash. Vita is barely worth the price atm cuz of its small game library.

I hope Killzone vita is shown this E3, thats one of the main reasons i got the vita.

Hicken2236d ago

How much more software support do you want this early after launch than the 20 or 30 games available?? How many other systems, handheld or otherwise, his this many games to play this close to release?

I keep hearing about this "lack of support" and how the Vita "needs games," but I'm looking at all the titles available and I can't figure out what the hell you people are talking about.

Was all this crap being said about the 360 or the Wii? The DS? A 4-month old system doesn't have a 100-game library; is that surprising? What system did?

Oh, and support ISN'T the only thing that determines value. Yeah, it helps, but the Vita, without any of the stuff it can't yet do, is already worth its price on the technology alone. It's not exactly what I would like to see, but if no more games, apps, or features came to the Vita, it'd still be worth that starting price for a few more months, at the least.

And there's plenty of stuff to come, so where is the value lacking?

Then again, this is the first generation where any game is beat once and never touched again. Replay value doesn't even come to mind anymore, because nobody even WANTS to play a game twice; they want to move on to the next title.

That, all by itself, bugs me. You spent X amount of dollars on a game, and your only thought is, "I beat it. Now I wanna play something else." That's sad.

Ju2236d ago

@Hicken...I disagree with you. If you look into the release calendar there is not to much on the horizon till next year. Maybe 2 or 3 which could sell the Vita.

Maybe Sony is holding back for some E3 announcements. I hope they do.

SW could be better. More console ports (don't buy them if you don't want them - but I do) and same time release with consoles. Vita is a console after all.

Want to see Ghost Recon and Starhawk (a like, eg.) released not only for consoles, but for Vita, too, ... around this time next year at least.

tr00p3r2236d ago

Price drop is welcome, but new apps and games are better. They need to open up the system to more third-party apps, like they just did with Skype. Instant messager, Spotify, Mail client. Phantasy Star Online 2, Call of Duty, Soul Sacrifice, Final Fantasy X, DJ Max Technika Tune will breath a new lease of life into the system after a dodgy few months.

fermcr2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Best games at launch are way to expensive. Decrease the best games price from 50-55€ to 20€ and the system (and games) will sell like crack, no matter the price of the hardware. At this moment i don't have a 3DS nor Vita simply because the best games at launch are way to expensive.

No way in hell I'm paying 50-55€ for a handheld game.

KUV19772236d ago

Golden Abyss is in technical aspects and scope absolutely comparable to a full console game. 2ß bucks just because the screen is smaller and it's portable, doesn't really make sense... the creation was just as expensive.

Ju2236d ago

Well, no, but it competes not just with console games but with mobile games on other platforms. If Dead Space for mobile can cost $20 (this is a full game) why not Vita games.

KUV19772236d ago

But is this Dead Space really comparable with a real Dead Space?
A Lamborghini is also a car but wouldn't neccessarily have to compete with a smart. Different qualities demand different prices.

modesign2236d ago

sony needs to stop porting ps3 titles on vita and just make new fresh titles, they also need to push third party, and nudge

MasterCornholio2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Sony has brought plenty of new games to the Vita it's the third party developers that are creating most of the ports such as ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat Vita, Dungeon Hunters, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Street Fighter X Tekken, Metal Gear Solid HD collection etc.

Unless of course you mean utilizing old franchises to create new games which is something that Nintendo does all the time yet I don't see many people complain about it.


Ju2236d ago

Whoa...why would they need stop porting games. Btw...did they even start? What PS3 port is currently available for the Vita? UC is a complete new game. Resistance? Just because of the franchise? I want more ports, tbh.

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