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No plans whatsoever for Dragon’s Dogma on PC -- producer

TVGB: "Capcom currently has no plans for a PC version of Dragon’s Dogma. The game’s pawn system somehow makes it “a bit difficult,” according to producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi." (Dragon's Dogma, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

zeal0us  +   1208d ago
Saw this coming. If it did come to PC it would be loaded with a DRM. When it dont sale as expected Crapcom will blame pirating for low sales.
kevnb  +   1208d ago
they say its difficult because of the barebones online features... good one capcom..
dedicatedtogamers  +   1208d ago
Capcom games brought to PC suck anyway, tbh.
Dark11  +   1208d ago
This not the 90's anymore , now i understand if someone want to play BF3 or skyrim on PC
but if you want to enjoy most of the good games
you have to get a console.
Grap  +   1208d ago
Really bad trolling. try harder next time
Dark11  +   1207d ago
trolling? lol .. my point is you can't rely on PC alone .. you will miss so much Great games , Disagree all you want but this is FACTS!!!
Gears of war 2,3
god of war
bayonetta and much more!!!

oh well , it is your lose anyway.
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kevnb  +   1207d ago
you lose alot of games by sticking to one platform, the games you listed arent even all on the same console. Missing starcraft 2, diablo 3, pretty damn near the entire mmo genre, dota 2, the stalker series, and the total war series would really bum me out.
Letros  +   1207d ago
Stating opinion as fact, trolling
Psychotica  +   1208d ago
Don't really understand why it would be difficult. Wasn't the game programmed from a PC?
vega275  +   1207d ago
That's cool scamcom I wasn't planning on buying this game anyway. So your BS excuse as to why your not bring it to PC is just that BS
pr0digyZA  +   1207d ago
No one thought dark souls would come and now it is, who's to say they won't in the months after release. Maybe they have one planned but don't want to scare of potential console customers from waiting for the PC edition.
Nerdmaster  +   1207d ago
Great. They don't plan to make a PC version of the one game I actually want to play, but they bring us Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (the scores it's been receiving say everything) and Street Fighter vs Tekken (I wonder who buys Capcom's first version of its fighting games, knowing it will get a "super" version really soon). If it wasn't for Resident Evil Revelations, I would have completely lost faith in Capcom.
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sriki007  +   1207d ago
i am already having a headache with the number of games releasing already.. There are sooooo many games that are gonna arrive in the next few months, cant possibly buy then all..

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