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Capcom Shares Sales Targets for Resident Evil 6, Dragon's Dogma, DmC and Lost Planet

Capcom expects to have four million sellers this fiscal term. (Capcom, DmC: Devil May Cry, Dragon's Dogma, Lost Planet 3, PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1244d ago
"DmC Devil May Cry: 2 Million"

LMAO NOT HAPPENING especially with the terrible PR.
NewMonday  +   1244d ago
that is much lower than DMC4, i thought the point of this "reboot" was to sell more, not kill off the fanbase
crxss  +   1243d ago
i think that was their plan originally (to sell more)... and then they heard the response to their reveal
ritsuka666  +   1244d ago
DmC Devil May Cry: 2 Millio"

Oh Crapcom, You will be so disappointed by sales. lmao
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OmegaSlayer  +   1244d ago
If Resi6 is good, it could even sell 10 millions.
DmC...mwahahahahahah 2 millions is less than Bayonetta and less tha DMC4...good job...
LordMe  +   1244d ago
Resident Evil 6: 7 Million

Dyslexia kicked in, thought they said 67 million... Always fun!
I can see 7mil with proper advertising, shouldn't be to hard considering the game, just advertise through The Walking Dead again!

DmC Devil May Cry: 2 Million

This is stupid! They outsource it to get a bigger audience, and predict the sales to be exactly what DMC4 sold? WTF is that?

Dragon's Dogma: 1.5 Million

I can see this happening... RPG's are on the rise again, but this game would have easily cleared 2mil if it had online coop.

Lost Planet 3: 1.4 Million

... Doubt it...
SuperLupe  +   1244d ago
Same here, dont see LP3 getting to that figure after the terrible entry that was LP2.
Stuart5756  +   1244d ago
Resi 6 could possibly sell more than that!!
Uncharted2Vet  +   1244d ago
Resident Evil 6 - it will sell more than 7 mill because of brand recognition and the fact thats it part of the main series

DmC - this game has been shit on from kingdom come, this is a game thats either 2mill or bust. either its sells or thats the end of the franchise and i'm looking towards the end tbh

Dragons Dogma - sorry but dragons dogma is a bust, might be a good game possibly but that game is not coming anywhere 1.5 mill bank on that.

Lost Planet 3 - after that shit storm when capcom blamed all their misfortunes on the sales of lost planet 2, the fact that so many fans were disappointed with lost planet 2, this game will sell less than its predecessor.
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Voxelman  +   1244d ago
I thought they confirmed there was going to be a PC version of LP3...
DeadIIIRed  +   1243d ago
Meh, never really cared for projected sales figures unless they are just bonkers. I'm more interested in the strategy of increasing profitability through extending a products lifetime. Pretty soon studios will only release two or three games a year and pump them full of DLC.
DragonKnight  +   1243d ago
The following is simply my opinion.

RE6: 5 million. I don't see it selling 7 million.

DmC: Hell no will it sell 2 million. It'll be lucky to even sell 1 million.

Dragon's Dogma: I like this game, played the demo, but I don't see it selling 1.5 million. Maybe just under that, but if they make a sequel and don't DLC milk (which they will) then the sequel may do better.

Lost Planet 3: Probably a mil. And that's only because of it being multiplat. I haven't heard anyone talking about this game, let alone having any good expectations of it.

But DmC, I find it laughable that they think that turd can generate 2 million sales. No frickin' way. If it does, then the people who don't anything about it are the reason why. I hope that it bombs hard. I know Capcom will end the series if it does, but they've proven they don't deserve the IP anymore. Sell the IP to someone who can do it justice.
DragonKnight  +   1243d ago
*Facepalm* I mean to say don't know anything about it. *sigh* Waste of a bubble for this. Stupid system.
amakusasfire  +   1243d ago
I don't really care that they've changed Dante's look but just to please die hard fans there should be DLC or alternate skin to have that version. That being said the director has repeatedly stated he won't offer it because game is a reboot and doesn't need and if fans don't like it don't buy. Really smart move jack ass. I bought the collectors edition of DMC 4 and was really let down with its moronic story but I have no desire to even preorder this I might rent it and see how that goes.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   1243d ago
i see dragon's dogma selling 2million off word of mouth (my be more).

we must remember that 360 core loves them some openworld fantasy rpg's (360 1mil 1.5mil) and the ps3 will be a little shy/or equal to(ps3 800,000 to 1mil) that of the 360 sales.

and the gameplay is awesome,i mean REALLY AWESOME (check out some youtube vids,game looks fantastic), so that helps.
Kratoscar2008  +   1243d ago
DMC will reach two millions easily, just wait.
Omnislash  +   1242d ago
Nobody should buy the new DMC. They dont care about the fans its basically some fan fiction game...

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