Portal 2 gets over 38,000 new levels

TVGB: "Science! Portal 2's freely available level editor DLC -- Perpetual Testing Initiative -- has caused a rush of new content to the first-person puzzler."

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b163o12206d ago

LMAO, I'm not a PC gamer.....anymore, but I know its far from dead. NextGen consoles are rumored to be closer to PC's then ever before. I was once like him, saying PC's are dead, too expensive. A little research later and I'm days from my first build :D, and it wasn't as expensive as you think.

Megaton2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

I forgot N4G isn't good with sarcasm. If you don't spoon-feed them the "/s" tag they get confused and angry. Fix those detectors, boys.

BinCs2206d ago

Rule of the internet #144: people can't understand sarcasm.

Trenta272206d ago

You're funny. You should be a comedian.

BabyTownFrolics2206d ago

will these be coming to the ps3?

Moncole2206d ago

The editor wont work with a controller. And Sony and MS are to strict with the content.

b163o12206d ago

MS more then Sony. Valve thanked Sony for opening up the PSN.....

_Aarix_2206d ago

Cant wait, todays my birthday and I've almost saved enough for a really powerful laptop, first thing im going to do is buy this game after getting a steam account.

annus2206d ago

With the content the latest DLC provides, the $7 for portal 2 is an amazing price, you won't be disappointed. ;)