Pro Evolution Soccer 07 on top in Brazil

According to leading Brazilian retailers this the TOP 10 list in the country.

1) Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 07 - Konami
2) Call Of Duty 4: Modem Warfare - Activision
3) Need For Speed - Pro Street - Eletronic Arts
4) Age Of Empires III Asyan Dynasties - Microsoft
5) The Sims 2: Bon Voyage - Eletronic Arts
6) Diablo II Gold - Blizzard
7) Sim City Sociedades - Eletronic Arts
8) Test Drive Unlimited - Atari
9) Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock - RedOctane
10) Transformers, The Game - Activision

An interesting fact is that Diablo II still rocks on the South American Country.

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Diugu3989d ago

Diablo will always be great.

gololo3989d ago

are we surprised that a soccer game is on top in soccer land?

newneto3989d ago

The surprise is that the 07 version is on top, not the 08. To many hurdles in the Brazilian game market, specially regarding to taxes and piracy. However, you can find a big group of Brazilians on X-BOX live and PSN.

marison3989d ago

England are the soccer land...

Sersnake3989d ago

2008 is not out in latin america yet thats why 2007 is in the top