Famitsu’s Most Wanted: Issue 1223

Gematsu: "Resident Evil 6 returns to the top after being number two in this week’s Famitsu Top 30, switching ranking with Dragon’s Dogma. Dragon Quest X remains in spot three. New to the top five this week is Pokemon Black & White 2 for 3DS, kicking out Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4 from the fifth position. Significant movements include Toki to Towa (#16 → #12), Bravely Default (#20 → #15), Robotics;Notes (#28 → #23), and God Eater 2 (#22 → #27)."

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sinncross2143d ago

13/17. [PS3] The Last Remnant (Square Enix, TBA) – 371 votes

Seriously Square...this game has been on this list for years and you never bothered to release it even in Japan.

Good going for RE, DD and DQ on the 3 top spots.

Darth Stewie2143d ago

Wow top 2 games are PS3 games which means the PS3 will continue to sell well this year. Both PS3 and 3DS look to continue their 2012 success with these two systems dominating the list.

j-blaze2143d ago

yeah, we all know 3DS and ps3 is doing pretty good in japan unlike the 360 lol....but the top 2 games on that list are multiplat mind you, and the voters were just 1405 not ONE FREAKING MILLION!

Darth Stewie2143d ago

Even if those games are multiplat they will only sell well on the PS3 in Japan and this is Japanese most wanted games list. As for the the votes, MH4 has 814 votes and Pokemon has 882 votes so according to your logic those games won't sell over 1 million copies.

Malice-Flare2143d ago

heh, how bad is it when people want the Last Remnant for PS3 more than The Last Guardian? seriously, S-E you release an unwanted PC version, yet can't supply the game to the bigger audience in Japan? i hope that amount paid for the exclusivity contract was worth it to you...

Darth Stewie2143d ago

Square does not like guaranteed money. Thats why they still have not released Last Remnant PS3 and they released FF13-2 and FF14 before FF versus 13.

majiebeast2143d ago

4.[PSV] Persona 4 Golden (Atlus, 06/14/12) – 1007 votes


xursz2142d ago

Indeed. Looking forward to it.