Toshiba Launches HD DVD Player Fire Sale

Toshiba apparently doesn't want to go down without a fight and is instead slashing the prices on its HD DVD players. Toshiba's second generation HD-A2 players previously dipped down to the sub-$100 mark during November -- but that was during the traditional holiday buying season and not truly indicative of regular retail pricing.

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ruibing3963d ago

Hardly. Unless they are warning every buyer of the new situation in regards to the format war, they are praying on the ignorance of the consumers and selling them what may ultimately be nothing more than a relic.

antoinetm3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

They are still trying thats what matters.

At least they didn't give us the usual over-optimistic corporate statement:

"Warner's move is seem of little importance to us and this might actually mark the start of HDDVD's domination over the HD storage market."

Try thinking of it as the last fighting scene from "the last samurai"

Biphter3962d ago

You respect a company that is basically offloading all its dud stock on unsuspecting customers? Thats not respectful, thats shameful. I feel sorry for anyone who falls for this. I hope the employees in said shops have the decency to warn the uninformed of WHY they are so cheap.

Tyrael3962d ago

^^^You would too if your business' latest format was about to fail. They have a bottom line to worry about, and though it might not be "fair" to the customer, money is money no?

Biphter3962d ago

But if it was me i'd not want to sell them at all as i'd probably loose more. I can't see Toshiba making any money on this venture. Anyways when you look at it deeper, its quite possible that Toshiba have nothing to do with it, its retail stock thats probably been dropped by the retailers themselves to clear them out. Toshiba has probably made its money already on these units.

BrianC62343962d ago

I'd say HD DVD has been having a fire sale for the last year. Hopefully the sale ends soon and HD DVD says good night already.

antoinetm3962d ago

Its simple economics, it the price is right considering the value it appears to have in the eye of the customer then it will sell.

If the consumer is dumb... heh...

stop acting like sony is god and toshiba the devil because u were scared to death that bluray would get obsolete.

frickin mob thinking

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gamesblow3963d ago

I love when Sony drops Ps3's price to 400 it's out of desperation and a last ditch effort... When Toshiba drops their Hd-dvd players to dirt ass cheap it's all for the good of their consumers. It's a great move. Give it up... you all lost. Deal with it. In 10 years we'll have another one of these and you all can cry all over again.

wageslave3963d ago

"Give it up... you all lost. "

Huh? Who gives a shiat about the MPAA's next DRM-infested disc format? I certainly dont.

Dont get me wrong, I love movies, but this has nothing to do with videogames. And, as has been said a thousand times before me, the next "format" is Digital Download anyway -- so, in short who-gives-a fcuk?

LastDance3963d ago

hahaha ...your as mornonic as they come.

Digital downloads is absolutley near impossible to be the next format dumb A$$. Have fun with your wak as bad pictured movies on a flat screen. Unless you download 1 HD movie a month. Enjoy that;)

be normal

sfinXters3962d ago

DRM infested disc format? Discs are much, much less DRM'd than Digital Downloads. With those your PC/X360/PS3/whatever will be oozing with DRM. At least you can watch discs on any player you want.

TheExecutive3962d ago

Wageslave you are wrong. until fiber optics becomes the norm in households there will always be a disc. The bandwidth on cable internet cannot handle DD without compressing the sh*t out of it. So dont feed us that BS. If you want the best quality HD for the next 10 years YOU WILL HAVE TO GO WITH BLURAY.

Oh and btw. The format war is relevant to gaming. Did you know that the ps2 was the first dvd player for 80% of the buyers... I wonder how many of those people bought it because it was a cheap DVD player and then decided to try a few games here and there?

M1am1U3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

There's a little thing called DOCSIS 3.0 (Wideband) that channel bonds multiple cable downstream channels to allow for incredibly fast download speeds (without the need for fiber to the home, mind you). That will be deployed and a reality this year. It will increase both the availability and usage of DD. Let me pose this question...since the introduction of broadband Internet, how many physical CDs have you purchased? Probably not many. The majority have more than likely been in a digital format. DOCSIS 3.0 will provide the same impact for movies. You'll be able to download an entire HD movie in 4-5 minutes.

TheExecutive3962d ago

Huh... I never heard of DOCSIS 3.0. When will it be available to every home and how much will it cost? An entire uncompressed movie with uncompressed sound in 4-5 minutes? that would be sweet! However, there is still a problem. I want to be able to borrow movies, I want to be able to take movies to my parents house to watch without lugging a 360 around... I want to be able to play my movie in any movie player. How will DD allow me to do this?

M1am1U3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

and valid concerns. DOCSIS 3.0 itself is just an enhancement of broadband cable modem service. It bonds multiple downstream channels together to allow for much higher bandwidth capacity. It won't cost anything more, and will be made available by most cable companies by the end of the year (roughly). I won't dispute there is still the need for discs, and there are legitimate concerns regarding the ability to take your movie and play it where ever you please. I just feel that technology is trending away from physical media, and moving towards digital content. You bring up good points, however, and I respect that. I certainly don't have an answer for everything, but I think what transpires in the next year or so will really help clarify alot of things.

M1am1U3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

double post.

Ignorant Fanboy3962d ago

I get HD 1080i movies on demand, at the press of a button.

Im using a cable thats over 15 years old, still get great picture.

Have you never downloaded HD from Live or PSN?? Did you wait a month for it to download?

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cooke153963d ago

Why should anyone have to pay 300 dollars to watch blu ray movies when they are the same quality as HD DVD for 1/3 the price?

Makroyale3963d ago

Because HD-DVD lost the format war... Your choice is to buy a cheap obsolete HD-DVD player that won't play the latest movies. Or you can reach into your wallet and buy a Blu-ray player or PS3 and know you didn't just flush your money down the toilet.

cooke153963d ago

Its far from over.

Universal, Paramount, Dreamworks is still a large chunk of the movie industry. Universal being the biggest of all the studios.

Shadow Flare3963d ago

....because HD-DVD's going to die? Thats just the first thing that popped into my mind. Why are you being such a sourpuss? Lemme guess, you've actually bought a HD-DVD player? Thats the second thing that popped into my mind

Hannah Montana3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

quality of a non-existent format - riiight.
Who cares about Universal - Disney is where my show is at, and thats all that matters. Expect to see myself on Blu in 6 months.

mullet3963d ago

Are you on drugs? Failed hope. HD-DVD is already dead.

cooke153963d ago

Yes i did buy an hd dvd player.. although it was a stolen one i bought for 20 bucks ;) But im not even worried anyways, most of my HD DVDs are combo format, which is the reason why i wanted HD. Why cant blu ray have this?

Shadow Flare3963d ago

HD-DVD combo format....whatever. You're a joke, first you buy into a failing format, but second you bought a STOLEN hd-dvd player? Tch, you really are a loser. Lemme guess, you have a 360 too? Get a job. And a better avatar

Homicide3963d ago

Cause Blu ray has more exclusive studio support. Good luck finding some movies on HD DVD. It's just a matter of time until Paramount and the others go blu.

paul_war3963d ago

Sorry mate, but Warner is generally believed to be best studio with regards to high def releases in 2007.

HD-DVD losing them is a major blow.

When Warner becomes fully exclusive in May & hugh exclusives like Lord of the Rings come out disk sales should easily be 80%+ on blu.

Paramount will activate an escape clause & Universal will not renew their exclusivity contract. I believe that is the ONLY way things will happen. There is 0% chance of any blu studio switching.

ruibing3963d ago

Because the reason why they are 1/3 of the price is not because Toshiba managed to reduce their manufacturing costs so much quicker but rather they need to slash prices to boost up hardware sales to make up for disastrous media sales.

kunark3963d ago

fyi there not 300 dollers i seen some around 225-250 range

Ital50Stal3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

look at all the stupid Sony supporters disagreeing with u Cooke...Its like they are on sonys payroll...if they only see how sad it looks from this is true, hd dvd might have lost but i hope u all know they ARE cheaper to buy and there is NO difference in picture quality...the fact its a sony product, therefore god had a hand in making it, right?

Hd dvd is supported by microsoft, shouldnt all you support a american company rather than japanense? look how bad 360 is doin in japan, they dont care about your products, why are you so faithful to thiers? think about it

Synex3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Let me guess you're one of those "patriotic" types aren't you? Buying a product from microsoft does not mean you're supporting America, and besides Microsoft is a terrible company. For many reasons over the years I can't stand Microsoft. Also, the Japanese don't buy the 360 because it doesn't have their games (Gran Tursimo, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid 4), they know MS will make another XBox by 2009 so why waste money on a console that will only be around for 3-4 years and they understand quality and I guess 33% failure rate is just unacceptable to them who knows.

P.S. Ever here of SCEA? It gives jobs to Americans..

cartman3133962d ago

It's called quality. Most American products seem to lack that for some reason. Example being American cars.

TheExecutive3962d ago

umm because that extra 200 bucks is a better investment in the long run... that 100 dollar HD-DVD player is about to become a giant paper weight.

agent8643962d ago

Cell - IBM (plus Sony / Toshiba) the chip itself was even sourced in the US initially at least
RS - Nvidia - US
Insomniac - US
Naughty Dog - US

etc ....

All the consoles are mfg in Taiwan/China/Japan ... outside the US

Apple does quite well in Japan, thank you very much, because it makes quality products. The xenophobic stereotype of Japan is just that a stereotype.

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Close_Second3963d ago

There's barely a consumer who isn't breathing a sigh of relief that one of the formats looks set to become the one and only standard. I was sitting on the fence until the Warner announcement. Now that HD-DVD has even less studio support I'm all for Blu-Ray.

Really, when you're beat you're beat. Obviously Toshiba has taken one too many knocks to the head so they don't know when to throw in the towel.

rbanke3963d ago

'...this move by toshiba...' are we sure its a move by Toshiba, and not just retailers unloading soon to be worthless merchandise?