Wii U survey asks about $300 price tag, concept images included

A survey has apparently hinted at a $300 price tag for Wii U and shows some concept images of the console's usage.

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ReservoirDog3162260d ago

Haha, I love doing these kinds of surveys. I didn't get to do this one but I've done some that hinted that Assassin's Creed 3 was gonna be in the Revolutionary War and one that talked about an unnamed game from the developers of Left 4 Dead (not Valve, Turtle Rock Studios). And one that showed the launch trailer for Mass Effect 3 before it came out.

And they pay me to do them too. It's fun. I've been trying to do as much of them as possible before E3 so I can get a few about more unannounced games.

Haha, just saying, if anyone wants to know more about doing them, just pm me.

YodaCracker2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Yeah, I did a survey a while ago where I had to choose which I thought sounded best from a few different titles for the next Medal of Honor game. "Warfighter" was one of them and it looks like that's the one they went with. I don't reveal this stuff though, because you agree not to disclose anything you read or see in these surveys.

ChocolateGiddyUp2260d ago

Why is this dude playing his Wii U in traffic?

TheLyonKing2260d ago

Funny concept designs and 300 is to high me thinks. Espically if it comes over seas to here in the U.K with high import tax thats like £250 :L

r212260d ago

E3 cant come any sooner. i wanna see how wii u will play with that fancy touch screen controller.

ozstar2260d ago

I love how people don't realize that having the two screens makes pretty much anything, from sport to tv/movie surfing and youtube, more appropriate for your TV.

I hate to guess how companies would split their products in this way though. Maybe this is the point, and what Nintendo wants to offer us is content packaging designed by them, which uses a "universal remote".