Surfer Girl: Kloosterhouse

Kane & Lynch 2 is still happening.

Heavy Iron is working on WALL•E for PSWii60, DSP and PS2.

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Clinton5143032d ago

Anyone could have noted that Kane & Lynch two was coming based on the 1 million sales.

Iamback3032d ago

If you visit her site you would know very well that she has been wright on 98% of the things so far. Like Resistance 2? yeah that is shoot in dark, but she also said that you start in Iceland and than move to USA and fight in different big cities, and guess what same info has been said in GameInformer. And other numerous things.
She is good.
Only thing that annoys me is that she usually answers with Yes/No instead of giving more complex answers.

ichimaru3032d ago

serious question: is she a creditable source? some predictin sound like thinks i predict and hope for

ElfShotTheFood3032d ago

She's right most of the time because her predictions are so thunderingly obvious.

Statix3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

How are Brutal Legend before it's announced, Kane & Lynch 2 before the sales figures came out, and Resistance 2 starting in Iceland startlingly obvious?